Seven Day Scramble…April 9, 2011

Lots of yummies, lots of giveaways, lots of work the past few days! Plus, this was certainly a week of giveaways on Doughmesstic! Did you enter them all? You should have!

Because I’ll be out and about, I’ve been toiling away on posts to keep you entertained while I am away next week, learning new and exciting things to share with you upon my return. I’ve also been working on a couple of “secret” projects – I promise – you’ll know soon enough what they are!

In case you missed the goods this week, let’s recap…


imageMonday was the major kickoff of giveaways – a $225 Saucier from Le Creuset! I featured a delicious Cinnamon Gingered Carrot recipe with the giveaway, and the saucier is perfect for making them. Lots of chances to win – and there is STILL TIME. Scoot – go enter!

Wednesday’s post of Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken has been really popular – who knew? Here I’ve been baking and baking, and you guys are hungry for DINNER! Well, this recipe is now going in my list of favorites, and will be on the menu a lot around here. Never tried goat cheese? Get in on this giveaway…you’ll get a nice package and a cookbook to inspire you, courtesy of Chavrie Goat Cheese. Check it out!

imageFriday we were back to baking. Double Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies. I featured Coach’s Oats, which make these cookies really incredible, and lucky for you, I included a couple of ways to win a Sampler Package of Coach’s Oats for you to try. They really do make all the difference in this cookie.

imageNow, this giveaway isn’t on MY site, but, I had to tell you about it. Biscoff is having a Spring Cookie Fling Giveaway. I was recently turned on to their new Spread – think crushed up biscotti cookies turned into the consistency of peanut butter (I could die). I’ll be showcasing a new recipe using the Biscoff Spread here on Doughmesstic in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to that, but in the meantime, you should take a look at their giveaway. Too cute, and perfect for Easter!

Here’s a link to their Facebook and Twitter, in case you want to keep up – and you should!

Upcoming Week

imageI have SO much good stuff in store for you this week, from another brownie (it’s ridiculous), to a ManPans Giveaway (hooray!), to a few wonderful Guest Posts, including the divine Fields of Cake genius Carrie Fields, who will be sharing an amazing banoffee pie. I’ve seen the teasers, folks – you won’t want to miss it.


Why the need for Guest Posts? Well, I will be gone all week to New York, to participate in the Culinary Institute of America’s World Cuisine Boot Camp. To say I am excited is quite the understatement! Out of my comfort zone – you bet – but I hope to learn things I can share with you! Sure, I bake a lot, but this course is about cooking, and using ingredients I don’t typically use, along with foreign techniques – I’m a bundle of nerves!

imageWhile I am there, the Duchess County Tourism has arranged so many great opportunities for me. For one – I’ll be lodging at the Rhinecliff, a beautiful lodge on the Hudson River. A big bed, all to myself, in a hotel like that? Shut. The. Door. I may not leave.

But leave I must, as I’ve been invited to dine at Gigi’s, and meet the Chef and Cookbook author Laura Pensiero. Can’t wait to dig in there! I’ll also be hitting The Artists Palate in Poughkeepsie for dinner one evening, as well as touring mansions, visiting farms, and shopping, of course!

Something a little different…

How about an Earth Day Picnic?

I was sent this information, and think it’s such a cool idea. What do you think?


On and around April 22—Earth Day 2011— The Nature Conservancy will encourage people all around the world to step outside and head to their favorite outdoor spot to enjoy good food in the company of great people.

· Picnic for the Planet is a celebration of the planet we live on, the food it provides and the people we share it with. In short, the planet does a lot for us — we should take it out for lunch!

· Through the online hub (, the Conservancy will be mapping picnic locations around the world and gathering photos and video. An important part of the project is the sharing of the experience across social networks; participants will have a local, personal experience at their own picnic but also see their connection to people around the planet.

· Chefs like Mario Batali and Alice Waters have also offered up their favorite picnic recipes:

· So far, there are picnic meet ups planned in 175 cities in 9 countries! To get involved, people can pick a location and plot a picnic here:

I think I’ll do it…what about you? Just in case, here’s the Social Media info you’ll want to keep everyone posted about your picnic!

Project hashtag – #picnic11
Twitter – @nature_org
Facebook –

Have a great week everyone, and please keep in touch with me via FB and Twitter – I hope to post updates several times a day of everything that’s going on in new York – I want to share it all with you!

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