Teriyaki Sesame Steamed Broccoli and a ManPans Giveaway!

Happy Tuesday, folks!

As you read this, there is a good chance I am in the middle of the Culinary Institute classroom kitchen, weeping over a tagine, because I am completely clueless as to A) what a tagine IS, and B) How I have managed to survive in the food world I’ve found myself living in for the past couple of years without ever needing to use a tagine. What’s wrong with me?

Luckily, though I haven’t used a tagine before, I’m in good hands at the C.I.A., and they’ll teach me everything I need to know. Until then, I DO know what a Steamer pan is, and now, I know what an AWESOME Steamer Pan is.

A ManPans Steamer Pan.


Doesn’t this bad boy look HEAVY?

Wrong. It’s so lightweight. In fact, if I had to use it as a weapon against culinary intruders, well, they’d win, as it just isn’t weighty enough to take anyone out. Muscle though? This pan has it in spades. Add to that it gets the job at hand done quickly and precisely, and you have yourself one heck of a go-to dinner maker.

I’ve pretty much used it exclusively since it arrived on my front porch, because of it’s ease and the great results I get with it. Plus it’s just plain gorgeous to look at. I’ve made potstickers, stir-fry, rice, chicken, and now, this teriyaki steamed broccoli. With or without the steamer insert you have a very functional pan, and I think you’ll LOVE it. I know I do!

Now, broccoli.

brocWe aren’t huge broccoli eaters around here. I mean, we weren’t. But this take on the greenest of green veggies is absolutely fantastic I could make a meal of it! I steamed the broccoli using the ManPans insert, then poured out the water in the base pan, and added the steamed broccoli to the pan itself. The steamed broccoli is then lightly stir-fried with a bit of butter, garlic, and teriyaki sauce, then sprinkled with sesame seeds. It’s so easy and so delicious!

Of course, you COULD make this without a ManPans Steamer Set. But why would you when you can WIN a 10 inch ManPans Steamer Set of your own?image


You can! All you need to do is visit the ManPan Website and check out their incredible line of products, then come back here and tell me, other than the steamer, which piece really floated your boat? The skillet? What?

As long as you comment here, you’re entered to win! Contest ends on April 22 at 11:59pm EST, and is open to US addresses only. MSRP is $136.97, and prize is supplied and shipped by ManPans. Word to the wise? Follow me on Twitter and Fan me on Facebook, as I often throw bonus entries opportunities out to my friends there.

I also recommend following ManPans on Facebook and Twitter – but only because they are a great company and their employees are a PLEASURE to do business with. I dig companies like that, don’t you? Know what else? ManPans are Made in the USA, AND Eco-Friendly. True, True, True.

Great stuff! Good luck everyone, and wish me luck with the tagine.

No. More. Tears.

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