This is not about Potatoes. That would be boring.

There is a reason Mr. Potato Head has multiple appendages.

No, it’s not because he’s a TOY, there to provide you your child with countless hours of spuddy entertainment. No, that’s not it at all.

Those extra noses? The glasses? The wigs?


Disguise from the embarrassment of potatoes being the most boring side dish on the block.

Can you blame him? It takes more time to prepare a delicious side of Stove Top Stuffing than it does to become disenchanted with the poor, lowly potato…two whole minutes. He’s also embarrassed that the can of Stove Top reseals a lot better than his, um, back-end, as the Stove Top doesn’t accidentally fly open spilling out it’s contents like Sir Spuds a Lot and his massive internal storage mishaps..

Know what you need to add to Stove Top to make it fantastic? Nothing. This is also a sore subject for Mr. Potato Head. Potatoes require WORK. Cheese. Butter and herbs. Plastic arms and hats. And it will always take longer to prepare potatoes than the quicker and easier Stove Top Stuffing. So why bother? Why waste extra time on a sub-par side when you can be dining in only a couple of minutes?

imageI know I have better things to do. Like dress up Mr. Potato Head.

Poor guy. At least he has better clothes than Stove Top.

But just barely.

Kraft Stove Top Stuffing Mix: The Un-Potato Contest:
Kraft and Technorati have teamed up to promote Stove Top Stuffing and have asked for blog entries that humorously promote their stuffing as being the better alternative over boring potatoes. Up for grabs is a $100 American Express Gift Cards to the top 4 entries. Please view the contest details and full official rules at:

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Disclosure: I received monetary compensation from Kraft Foods for my participation, though all opinions are my own.

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