Aarrgh, Matey! It’s Pirate Time!

So, who here is excited to see Johnny Depp shirtless again the new Pirates of the Caribbean?


Are you planning a Pirate Party?  You could be.  Pirates are cool. Pirates have treasure.  Pirates have boats, and boats are pretty awesome.  So why NOT have a Pirate Party?

I decided to do a little round up for you to help you out, you know, should you, or your kids, but yo-ho-ho about the upcoming premiere.  I bet at least a few of you are!

Cool Pirate Stuff to EAT



image   image

Cool stuff, right?  Everything from cookies to pirate toys atop brownie like ships, an Apple PIE-rate Ship, and even a Pirate Bento Box (wouldn’t a kid LOVE opening this at lunch??)  I also LOVE that pirate skull cake, but my fabulous roommate at BlogHer Food, Leslie of The Hungry Housewife.  Isn’t she talented?  As you read this, she and I are  gearing up for the RockHer Blogger Bash, of which we are co-hosting with my blogger friend Brandi of BranAppetit. It’s one heck of a shindig with a ton of details…wish us luck!

There at the bottom, you see Pirate’s Booty.  I was sent a bag of this hull-less popcorn to review, and it is fabulous!  I love that it has no hulls – I hate getting those things stuck in the roof of my mouth!  The flavor is great – very cheesy, but because it is white cheddar, it doesn’t make quite the mess the orange cheesies do. Nice.  If you’d like to try a bag of Pirate’s Booty yourself, you can buy it, of course – you’ll find it in the chip aisle – or, you can just leave me a message here and you can win a bag!  You don’t need to do anything major, just say Hey, that sounds good, I’d like some!


Enjoy your Pirate Filled Weekend!!

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