And Even More Cake Coverage…


Welcome back to the cake drama.  Ready for it to be over?  Me? I’m just anxiously awaiting it’s completion.

So, yesterday was the base of the giant wedding cake, covered in long ruffles and topped with a layer of silver, yellow and white ball details.

Today is the top half of the cake, and man is it ever tall.

Right off the bat, I changed the original design a tad.  What was supposed to be a tall tier with carved center turned into a less curved center.  Something didn’t feel right – I can’t explain it.  So, to reclaim some of that curve, I added ruffles to the top of the tier, which gives an illusion of a more narrow center.

Or in my world it does, anyway.


So here you have the center part of the top half of the cake.  It’s 2 levels of 8 inch rounds, around 8 inches tall.  It’s covered in one large piece of fondant, which I smoothed.  I made all of the little ruffles using the same technique as I did on the ruffles yesterday, which was to use the indented cake column to add texture to the fondant.  The only difference here was that instead of rolling the column in multiple directions to create a net effect, I just rolled it in one direction.  What this did was create a natural ruffling effect on such narrow, thinly rolled fondant.  I trimmed each edge using a wavy edged cutter, then used my fingers to pull the edges in a more freeform shape.


As you can see, I did this for the center of the cake, as well as 3 layers of ruffling at the top.  For the center, I added lots of dragees, to mimic that part of her dress, just under the bustline.  For the top ruffles, I did add a few pale yellow dragees, just to bring in some yellow to this area of the cake.  I sprayed a lite mist of yellow to the top of these ruffles, then topped it with silver and lastly, pearl.  I also added pearl dragees in a random pattern all over this section of cake.dresscake

These two 8 inch rounds sat atop a 9 inch layer.  I married the two tiers by adding ruffling to both, as you can see in the photo.  It really looks like they are just one large layer, which is exactly what I was hoping.  You can see that I did the ruffles in the same undulating pattern as is in her dress(I also tipped them in gold luster dust).  For now, the ruffles stop at the cardboard base, and most likely, this bottom edge of fondant ruffles will have to come off when the cake is assembled.  Sad.  However, the fondant will be hard, and won’t drape over the bottom layer like I need it to.  Not a big deal, I am prepared to make lots of ruffles to attach once I am on site.  These ruffles will drape down over the glitzy beaded layer I made yesterday, coming about a quarter of the way down that particular layer.  No harm, no foul.

Now, here is a section of the cake that has taken a LONG time…the top.  I based it on the top of her dress, which is very heavily beaded.  Her dress doesn’t have gold or yellow beads on it, but the tier really needed some, to make it look right with the rest of the cake.  Without the gold and yellow, it looks like it belongs on a different cake.  Here’s another look at the dress top inspiration, compared to the cake version, and finally, the final version that has the added gold and yellow dragees.



I am thinking this tier will be tied to the layer below it with a very narrow ruffle (yes, more!) versus a beaded border.  At least that’s the plan.  Once I get there and start setting it up, I may change my mind.  We’ll see!  It will definitely need SOME type of border – I just don’t know what yet!  Finally, the entire cake will get another dusting of pearl luster, and then I’ll place the feather flower…and go home!

Until then, this is all I can do – I can’t show you it all stacked until tomorrow!  Wish me luck!