Contemporary Wedding Cake

You may recall last month when I live blogged the making of two wedding cakes in one weekend. I posted the results from the Hexagonal wedding cake, but this one, the Contemporary Cake for Nicole and Josh – well, I needed to wait.


Because of Laura’s Focus Photography.

It’s a privilege to have Laura as the photographer on one of my weddings – I feel like I am in a magazine when I get copies of her photos! I LOVE Laura’s style, and since she was the photographer on this wedding, I just knew she’d have some gorgeous pictures to share.

I was right.

I loved this bride and groom’s style – from the color palette to the unusual details, and especially, their custom circle design that they carried throughout the wedding. It was that circle pattern that I based the simplistic cake on, and I love the way it turned out. So sit back, take a breath, and soak in all of these great photos! Thanks Laura for sharing!

And..congratulations to Nicole and Josh!!

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