Seven Tiered Cake…Complete!

According to the Weather Channel, it was in the mid-90s today.

It felt hotter.

Especially since I was delivering the massively tall wedding cake to an unairconditioned tent, in what felt like 100% humidity.

However, the setting was gorgeous – an amazing white tent with bursts of yellow throughout, paper lanterns hung from the draped ceiling – all surrounded by a naturally gorgeous family farm. Flowers popped up from everywhere – around fenceposts, along the pond, and of course, from vases around the tent. Karen, from Best Wishes in Blacksburg did the arrangements, and I’ve loved Karen’s work since the late 90’s when I used to plan weddings at Mountain Lake. She just keeps getting better and better.

But the cake.

First things first, the cake table was drastically unlevel.


So, after two attempts from the grandfather to level it, we were finally convinced it was about as even as it was going to get. No way was I going to stack a 3 foot tall cake on uneven ground, especially in that heat. Not a chance.

Things went smooth as I was setting it up, thankfully. The humidity didn’t help anything – remember I said I would have to remove the bottom layer of ruffles from the upper half? Well, I did have to, as predicted. And when it came time to roll out new ruffles, the humidity and fondant didn’t want to play nice.

I won.

So, here you have a few pictures of the cake and it’s new home…

Congrats to my fabulous (trusting!!) bride Meredith and her groom!!


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