Fresh Floral & Hexagon Wedding Cake

Another weekend, another round of cakes! As I type this, I have just piped scads of royal icing on two tiers of hexagonal wedding cake, after a long two days of three other cakes.

(Believe it or not, 2 of the other cakes were for one of my wedding cake brides in June – she loved the flavor as well as the look of her cake. Whew!)

This weekend, my big cake is for a wedding at The Inn at Virginia Tech. It’s gorgeous there, and I think this cake will fit right in. Up until a couple of days ago, this cake was going to be round, and all off white buttercream with a bit of piping.

It’s now hexagonal, entirely fondant, and resembles the bride’s dress. Good thing I love fondant, and a challenge.

This is my bride’s dress…


Pretty, right?

Before I go any farther, I want to point something out. One – this woman is entirely too thin. I can see her spine for crying out loud. Two – look at where her hips are. Now try to imagine her in pants. She has GOT to be standing on a miniature pony or a stack of overdue library books or something. And what’s with all of the bridal gown photos making it appear like the bride is in some sort of caged ecstasy? What happened to looking young and innocent, full of virtue and excitement? These girls look like they are happily naked under all that satin, just waiting for the preacherman to pronounce it legal for she and her man to rumble.

There. I said it.

Now, back to the cake at hand.


The bride’s original design called for 4 tiers, with space in between each tier for fresh flowers – hydrangea, roses, and other smaller florals. So, cake, 4 inches of flowers, cake, flowers, cake, flowers – you get it. We are still doing that, it’s just that the cake is now hexagon, and each tier represents her dress in some way.
The bottom tier will be much like the bottom half of the dress…gathered draping, and a bit of that lacy/embellishment peeking through.


The next tier up (and the top tier) will be a less embellished version of the top of her dress, and only on the bottom 2/3rds of each tier. I didn’t want it to be TOO busy.
The third tier mimics the bodice of the wedding gown, with pleating, as well as the corseting on the back of the dress. That was a last minute decision – but I believe it’s a good one. I made it on the fly today while working.


The entire dress is being covered in Silk Luster. I have been spraying a lot of my cakes recently with pearl luster, which is much easier, but this one seems to need a painted coat of the silk. painting it on takes a lot longer, but it does look really good.

And here you have the crappy photos I took today. Luckily, Laura (Laura’s Focus) is today’s photographer, so hopefully her talent will do this cake some justice. For now, you have mine!


Next weekend is another cake I am excited about. it’s Tiffany box blue, with lots of bling and vertical ruffles – a true challenge! Stay tuned, and have a great weekend!

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