Fun School Lunches with Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb have become members of my family, I believe. Somehow (don’t ask me, I just live here), those two clever boys and their pet Platypus Perry have pretty much gained control of our television over the summer…which makes perfect sense, according to the theme of the show. Seven loves watching, and I have to admit, so do I.

It’s a cleverly done cartoon, and I appreciate that it’s clean, funny, and full of imagination. I can’t control that the characters are absolutely hideous in the cutest possible way.

That being said, they are also fantastic for making into foods.

There are a few blogs out there making Phineas and Ferb cookies, sandwiches, cakes – you name it – and I finally broke down and took a turn. In all instances, I used standard white bread for the sandwiches, and cucumbers with grapes for the eyes. Ferb is the rectangle faced brother, and his hair is made of broccoli, while Phineas was adorned with carrot stick hair and celery mouth. Perry, the Platypus was topped with cheddar cheese for his bill.

Seven ate every bite, and was beyond excited to do so. Sometimes it just takes a little extra creativity in the kitchen to get them eating healthy, so, if your kid is giving you a bit of trouble, maybe try something like this!

Good luck!

Do you have any special lunch ideas to share? Anything from a cute lunch box to a guaranteed favorite treat? I’d love for you to share!

Here are a few things I love and feel great about letting my little man eat…

Dole Real Fruit Bites

The first time I had these was at the Dole Summit, last November. I was smitten! While they are all fantastic, I especially love the Pineapple Chunks! They are delicious! They also come in Mango and Apple – all yummy and great to pack in the lunch boxes!

GoGoSqueez Applesauce

imageAnother product I really like is the Applesauce from GoGo SqueeZ…it’s incredible! Think juice pouch, but filled with different flavors of applesauce – like Peach, Strawberry, Cinnamon, and Banana. Seven loves all of them, and I love that they are contained and mess-free in the car (or at lunch)! It’s also great that they are so healthy – no added sugar or preservatives!

What else should I know about?? Help me out!

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