Dessert A Day…Madeleine Blackberry Lemon Trifle

Sometimes you just want dessert to be easy. Uncomplicated. Something you can throw together quickly…but not skimp on looks OR flavor.

This trifle is going to be right up your alley.

I was recently approached by Donsuemor, quite honestly, a company I had never before heard of, asking if I would be interested in pulling together a dessert for their Dessert A Day promotion. So I said sure…I love dessert. But first I needed to figure out what Donsuemor was even about.

Madeleines. Delicious, perfectly baked, individually wrapped madeleines. If you’ve ever made them yourself, you know how fickle they can be. Somehow, Donsuemor has made a deal with the French Devil, as they have perfected these light, airy delights. I requested the Lemon Madeleines to use in my dessert, and I made a great choice. They were kind enough to send a sampling of their chocolate and original madeleines as well, but the lemon? Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff. Perfect for using in so many desserts, or just as excellent on their own as a quick snack.

I almost didn’t have enough left to use in my dessert.

Luckily, I got creative one day when Brandi of BranAppetit stopped by for a surprise lunch. I quickly whipped up some pasta and a salad…but what was I going to do for dessert?

Ah, the Donsuemor.


I arranged a couple of Lemon Madeleines on a plate with a dollop of instant Cheesecake Pudding, a large spoonful of Blackberry Pie Filling (thanks Lucky Leaf!), another spoonsful of Lemon Curd (so glad I keep this on hand!), and topped it off with sweetened whipped cream. We were in sweet bliss in under five minutes.

The madeleines are the perfect amount of cakiness to chew on, and the flavor is decadent…it plays so nicely with the tartness of the blackberries and curd. It would be just as delicious served with fresh strawberries, lemon curd and whipped cream. Or oooh, lime curd and meringue. So many options!

If you’ve not tried these Donsuemor madeleines before, I do highly suggest it. You can visit their website, as well as their Facebook Page, where they will be featuring the Dessert A Day. Check it out!


Lemon Blackberry Trifle with Madeleines

makes 4 individual desserts

  • 8 Donsuemor Lemon Madeleines
  • 1/2 prepared box Jell-O Cheesecake Pudding
  • 1/2 cup Lucky Leaf Blackberry Pie Filling
  • 1/2 cup Lemon Curd
  • 2 cups prepared sweetened whipped cream

Arrange 2 madeleines in each of four individual serving bowls or plates. Spoon pudding, pie filling, and curd alongside the madeleines. Top with piped or spooned whipped cream. Garnish with blackberry or lemon wedge, if desired.

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