That’s a Sweet Giveaway… In a Fiber Kinda Way.

No, I’ve not lost my marbles.  Well, not entirely, anyway.

I’m just referring to the New Splenda® Essentials™ No Calorie Sweetener.  I was asked to give it a shot, see what I think, and share my findings with you.image

Here’s what I was up against:

  1. Splenda Essentials with B vitamins.
  2. Splenda Essentials with antioxidants (provides added essential vitamins C and E).
  3. Splenda Essentials with 1 gram of fiber.

Now, let me preface this by saying I am a SUGAR GIRL.  You’ve seen me (or at least pictures of me), and you’ve seen the kinds of things I post around here.  They are full fat, full butter, full sugar.  Budging me off the sugar train isn’t going to be easy, or even possible, to tell you the truth.

But…my butt.  It could do with a little less calorie intake.

So, changes can be made.  Simple changes, like using a no-calorie sweetener, like Splenda, when brewing iced tea.  When making lemonade.  When sweetening my cereal (yeah, I do that.  Cheerios and Rice Krispies need sugar, people!).  These little changes can shave several hundred (or even thousand) calories per week, and that adds up to pounds lost.  Did you know 3000 calories adds up to about a pound?  At that rate several pounds could disappear in a year without any major lifestyle change.

Do I bake with it?  I have.  My beef is that Splenda doesn’t allow cookies to brown, and darn it, that’s how I know my goodies are ready.  The flavor is good, the chewiness is there, it just isn’t brown.  I’m fickle.  But…to be fair…no one notices they aren’t brown but me.  And no one complains, either, until all of the cookies are gone.  I’d say that’s a pretty good endorsement.

Whether you are trying to cut calories and lose a few irritating pounds, or are overweight and fear negative health problems such as diabetes and heart  problems, substituting in Splenda is a good way to help with that.  Is it for everyone?  Probably not.  There has been a lot of debate about the safety of sucralose (used in Splenda) in the news as of late, and you’ll see sides arguing the pros versus the cons.  What it comes down to is making the right decision for YOU.  If it isn’t sucralose the experts are debating, its eggs, or beef, or hairspray and chicken nuggets.  Everyone has an opinion, and scientists from both sides of the argument have valid points.  So again, I encourage you to make your own decisions – like you do about everything else in your life.

So, PSA over there.  Let me tell you what I, the non-expert, non-scientist, Stay At Home Mom thinks.

I think it’s fine.  I think I actually prefer it in my cereal over sugar, and the Lemonade is just as sweet as it should be.  So…will I continue to use it there?  Yes, I will.  Especially these newer Splenda Essentials, as they have added benefits that sugar just doesn’t offer.  Added fiber.  Added B Vitamins  I know, as an adult, I need these things, and my current diet could certainly use a boost of both.  So, why not get the added nutrients while losing pounds at the same time?  Genius.

Now, what could be sweeter than being rewarded for simply requesting a free sample and sharing your feedback?

Currently, when consumers visit the Splenda Brand Facebook page and click on the new ESSENTIALS tab, they can request a free sample of the new Splenda Essentials product and share with other users what’s ‘essential’ to them.  By doing so, consumers will be entered for a chance to win a travel mug with a $25 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card! Three lucky winners will be announced each day— but that’s not all. For every 10,000 sample requests received, the Splenda team will give away a $1,000 Visa gift card!

But WAIT, there’s MORE!

The nice folks at Splenda have offered me a lovely prize pack to give to one of YOU.  Here are the details on what you can win…


  • One (1) SPLENDA® ESSENTIALSTM No Calorie Sweetener with B Vitamins
  • One (1) SPLENDA® ESSENTIALSTM No Calorie Sweetener, 1 gram of Fiber packets
  • One (1) SPLENDA® ESSENTIALSTM No Calorie Sweetener, 1 gram of Fiber granulated
  • One (1) SPLENDA® ESSENTIALSTM No Calorie Sweetener to-go mug
  • One (1) Splenda-yellow blender
  • Two (2) Splenda-yellow bowls
  • One (1) Splenda-yellow fruit juicer
    That’s like $75 worth of goodies!  Wanna know how to win it?  Of course you do…
  • “Like” the SPLENDA® Sweetener Products Facebook page and
  • Comment on THIS blog post about how YOU use Splenda.  In your coffee? At the diner?  On your french fries? (Hey, I’ve seen it done.)  Just leave me a comment!  You MAY want to follow me on Twitter and Facebook as well…I just may offer an extra bonus entry there in a couple of days!

Giveaway is open to US Addresses, and closes at 11:59pm EST on September 19.  Good Luck!

Disclosure – I was supplied samples and compensation from Splenda, but thoughts and opinions are my own.