Wordless Wednesday…Smile

You know full well I am never WORDLESS when it comes to Wordless Wednesday.  But I’ll keep it brief.


Look at that smile.

I could eat him alive. (And have tried on a few occasions, beginning with his feet.)

He’s riding his PlasmaCar – which just about every person that has been here to the house now wants.  They are awesome.  I may or may not ride it around through the foyer, to the kitchen, and through the living room. jonplasmacar Let’s say NOT, but know otherwise.  Even Jon gets in on the action…and one of Seven’s favorite ways to play now is to push his daddy around on the patio.  Nuts!

I love that thing.

It has a weight limit of 225 pounds, so it isn’t just for the little guys.  Plus – no foot power needed, it runs on pure magic!  Well, it may as well be magic.  Somehow by turning the wheel, the car gains momentum on it’s own.  It can fly!  We took it with us to the beach this spring with the intent of riding it on the boardwalk.  Instead, Sev and I stayed in the empty parking garage, racing around like crazy people on that thing!  So much fun!

Not telling you what to do, but if you have a kid to buy for this year – a birthday, Christmas, National Buy-a-Kid-a-Toy Day…you should pick one of these things up.  You won’t be sorry!  They’ll think you are the raddest, baddest present buyer around!

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