Cute Halloween Crafts

I want to be super mom.

You know, that mom who shows up to school events with the cutest crafts, the fanciest cupcakes, the most sleek hair and skinny jeans.

Okay, most of that’s not going to happen.

I MAY win the cupcake contest though. Hair and skinny jeans? Not a chance. I’m lucky to even slap some makeup on in the mornings to take Seven to school, much less blow my hair out; and there ain’t no skinny in anything I own.

When it comes to crafts, though, I love them. I’m not the craftiest person on the block, but I can hold my own, I guess. Especially since I have access to the internet, and lots of creative folks have made it super easy for me to copy.

Like these.

Here’s a round up of some of the most creative, adorable crafts I could find for Halloween, and maybe (just maybe!) I can replicate one or two of them and pass them off as my own.

Maybe you can, too. So what it wasn’t your idea? I’ll never tell.


How cute are these? Frappucino bottles and scrapbooking paper combine to make the cutest little vessels for Halloween gifts. Imagine how stoked the classroom kids would be to get one of these! So stinking CUTE!


Okay, seriously? The kids can make these little goodies themselves! Ingenious, and I bet it would be such a fun afternoon making a bunch of these delicious witches!


Now this? Amazing. Maybe if I get my act together ASAP I can make one of these hauntingly beautiful wreaths. I want one!!


I CAN do this! Simple Chinese takeout container and markers. Hey – I have markers.


This hollowed out pumpkin makes me want to have a Halloween party. So clever!


Love love love this! I would be Seven’s hero if he had a little snack bag that looked like these!

Have you seen a cute craft I should try? I’m a no sew gal, so don’t make me get out a needle and thread! I’d love something I can do with Seven, so if you have ideas, I want to hear them! (And forget the skinny jeans. I will, however, attempt to at least brush my hair tomorrow. Well, at least the front half.)

Have a great day!

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