RockHer Goes to Nashville…On Important Burger Business

You may recall I threw a party at BlogHer Food Atlanta. We called it the RockHer party, and it was an amazing success, held at the Hard Rock Café. Over 200 Food Bloggers, writers, sponsors and all out FUN people came.

While there, I made friends with some Hard Rock higher ups, who encouraged me to get in touch whenever there may be another opportunity to work together. So, when I realized I was going to Nashville to Food Blog Forum a couple of weekends ago, I knew just who to reach out to.image

Since the Food Blog Forum was wrapping up on Saturday around 8, we decided 930 would be the best time to descend on the Hard Rock Café Nashville. Just about 15 of us gathered for what we assumed would be your typical Hard Rock meal: apps, a few drinks, maybe a sandwich. Little did we know that the Nashville Hard Rock was in the middle of creating what would be their Signature Burger, and they wanted US to decide the burger that will appear on their menu!

imageAfter a table full of appetizers (that were actually more than enough dinner), and a LOT of Tweeting and Instagraming, the burger bonanza began. There were 6 burgers to sample, and let me tell you, these were not small burgers. The chef at first was sending out a FULL SIZED burger for each of us. 10 ounces of meat, plus bread, plus toppings. And we were supposed to eat SIX of them? No way could we handle that! We hurriedly sent word to quarter them, lest we die of meat overload. Even quartered it was still as much as a regular fast food burger!

First up was The Heart Attack. It couldn’t have been more aptly named. This burger was deep-fried and paired with mashed potatoes. It was great, but most of us agreed it needed salt, acidity, and crunch. Maybe just a bit on the mushy side!

imageNext we tried the Fajita Burger (no ones fave) and the Peppercorn Burger, which was topped with peppercorn sauce, Bleu Cheese crumbles, lettuce and tomato. This burger was really great, despite my distaste for bleu cheese. It was a table favorite, and was a clear winner until we forged on to the final 3 choices.

The Insane Burger (spicy) and the Tsunami Burger (pineapple, BBQ, and jalapenos) were up next, and both were really good. I especially liked the Tsunami, but could have done without the abundance of jalapenos…HOT STUFF! However, the final burger of the night was a total shocker to all of us!

The Elvis Burger. Bacon. Peanut Butter. Bananas.

I know, I know. It sounds disgusting. That’s what we all expected it to be. But one bite, even after ALL THOSE OTHER BURGERS, proved us wrong.

It was delicious! I actually intend to make a version of it myself, only I’m going to caramelize the bananas. I think no one really believed it was going to be a tabe favorite, but it was!

After tallying up all the scores (yes, we all kept notes and rated each burger), the winners emerged. A tie! The Peppercorn and the Elvis were the top contenders!


After a few emails from the Nashville Sales Manager, I hear they are still at a draw, and are trying to figure out how to choose the winner. I have a feeling it will be the Elvis – because Music City needs a Music Inspired Burger, don’t you? I’ll let you know which one took top honors as soon as I know, so hang tight! And, I’d like to give a big thanks to all of the bloggers who came out and joined in on the fun, and especially thank the Hard Rock for the fun opportunity! We had a blast!

So, what’s the most unusual and delicious burger you’ve ever tried? Share it with me! I’m always looking for inspiration!

The RockHer Nashville Burger Bloggers

More Fun Photos

Just wanted to share a couple more shot of the weekend. Paula and I HAD to have COWBOY BOOTS, and where better to buy some than in Nashville, on Broadway? Aren’t they cute?


My roommates and I decided to walk around a bit and see the sights before dinner, and here are a couple of fun pics we took. What a great weekend…thanks ladies!


FYI: All pics were taken with an iPhone, and shared on Instagram. The great shot of the lights was from Amanda, and the Tweeting pic was by Paula. All the rest were mine! Find me on Instagram and we’ll share! I’m doughmesstic!

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