The 25 Days of Doughmesstic Christmas…Beanilla Giveaway!

I have a love affair with everything vanilla.

3 years ago, I’d never seen a bean. Barely used the extract. And (gasp), truth be told I probably bought Imitation Vanilla if I needed some for a recipe.

Dear God, I nearly choked typing that.

imageNow I bet there’s not a single day that goes by that I don’t use REAL vanilla in one form or another.

Extract. (And I’m particular, too! It may be Madagascar, may be Indian, Tongan, Tahitian, Bourbon…)

Beans. (Don’t even get me started.)

Salt. Sugar. Paste. Dried. There is nothing quite as glorious as the little specks of brown scattered throughout a dough or filling. Topping a chocolate chip cookie with a sprinkle of vanilla salt? Die. You really just can’t go wrong with vanilla.

imageI am thrilled to have found Beanilla when I first really got started in my baking adventures. I initially ordered a few pounds (yes, pounds) of different bean varieties. They have the BEST pricing! I made my own extract. I scraped them into cookie dough. I upped the ante on all of my frostings and cheesecakes. Since then, I have worked with them pretty exclusively, and am honored to consider them a sponsor of mine.

Especially today!

Today I am thrilled to offer you an assortment of great vanilla products (it’s a surprise!), courtesy of Beanilla. I guarantee you want this giveaway!

To win, leave me a comment here, letting me know your favorite vanilla product, or, your favorite thing to put vanilla in.

For a second entry: Follow Beanilla on Twitter or Facebook, then return here to let me know you did.

For a third? Share this post on Twitter or Facebook. Your friends deserve to know! Just be sure to return here and let me know you did.

There you go! 3 chances to win a sweet vanilla stash!

Contest is open to US Addresses only, and ends at 11:59pm EST on November 28. Prizes courtesy of an shipped by Beanilla. 3 entries per person only.


imageSee that 7 Quart KitchenAid? I know you want it. I certainly can’t blame you. So, to keep it fun and interesting, I’m giving you LOTS of extra opportunities to win it. For every giveaway you enter during my 25 Days of Doughmesstic Christmas, if you’ll go comment on THIS POST (Click thru!) saying “I entered to win the …” (you know, whatever you entered to win), you’ll get a BONUS entry to win the mixer. That’s 24 additional chances to win that bad boy. So scoot! Go enter to win today’s giveaway, and then visit THIS POSTto comment for your bonus entries on the mixer. Good Luck, and see you back here tomorrow for more fun things to win! And, don’t forget there’s still time to win these other great gifts from the Gift Guide!

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