Black Friday Giveaway!

Sorry for the lack of recipe today, friends, but I don’t think you’ll mind. You’re probably still hopped up on turkey, or comatose, or fighting the crowds at Best Buy. (That’s one line I did NOT stand in last night, by the way, despite my desire for an iPad. Insanity, I tell you – those people wanted electronics like nobody’s business.

Instead of a recipe, I’m offering up something I think you may have realized yesterday that you really do need…

A Knife Sharpener.

No matter what brand of knives you own, I imagine they could stand a good sharpening. Turkey’ll do that to the best of ‘em. So, let’s give a fantastic knife sharpener away.

Courtesy of Edgeware, I have an amazing sharpener to give away. It even does scissors! (that’s a Godsend in our house, let me tell you.) It’s electric (boogiewoogiewoogie), so there’s little work involved for YOU other than sliding the knives into the slots and letting the machine do it’s thing.

Now tell me you want to win it.

You do, don’t you?

That counts as one entry, then.

For one additional chance (just choose one) – Share this post link on Twitter or on Facebook. return here to let me know you did, and now you’ve entered to win TWICE.

For an additional chance, join Edgeware Fans on Facebook! They’d love to have you! Just be sure to return here and let me know you did.

Three total entries per person, max. All extra comments will be deleted.

Open to US Addresses Only (so very sorry Internationals, I do appreciate you, though), and is courtesy of and shipped by Edgeware Giveaway ends November 30, 11:59pm EST.


See that 7 Quart KitchenAid? I know you want it. I certainly can’t blame you. So, to keep it fun and interesting, I’m giving you LOTS of extra opportunities to win it. For every giveaway you enter during my 25 Days of Doughmesstic Christmas, if you’ll go comment on THIS POST (Click thru!) saying “I entered to win the …” (you know, whatever you entered to win), you’ll get a BONUS entry to win the mixer. That’s 24 additional chances to win that bad boy. So scoot! Go enter to win today’s giveaway, and then visit THIS POST to comment for your bonus entries on the mixer.


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