Santa’s Breakfast Helper

I don’t often do Ready-to-Eat Product reviews. But you know what?

I’m human.

I’m tired.

The holidays are keeping us hopping, what with Christmas Plays, Seven being in school every day versus 3 times a week, holiday shopping, short daylight hours (snooze), and all the other life that has to happen in the course of a day.

I don’t always feel like getting up early. Scratch that, I don’t EVER feel like getting up early.

So, when I was given the opportunity to shop for Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches for Collective Bias, I did it. I need something quick and easy in my repertoire.

So off I went to Wal-Mart to find them.

I had to go to Christiansburg to even find them, as they aren’t available in all Wal-Mart’s yet, but I turned the shop into a fun day for the fam. We went to the movies first, then did a little shopping, and finally stopped for a less than stellar dinner. WHY would a nice restaurant EVER serve a customer the freaking end piece of a prime rib? Gross. I sent it back.

Anyway, it started snowing while we ate, which was nice, but COLD, but luckily we didn’t have far to go to reach the Wal-Mart, as we were practically in the parking lot already when we left the restaurant.


I’ll be honest…I didn’t think I’d ever find the Mini Chicken Sandwiches. I searched the sandwiches. The chicken. The breakfast sandwiches. The appetizers. Nowhere to be found. Jon and Seven wandered off to the toys while I continued the hunt. And then finally, in one of those open freezers in the middle of the floor, I finally found them. Unassuming, surrounded by a ton of Wal-Mart Brand products.

So I got them, and off I went.

Thanks to the previews in the movies, I was forced to pick up a copy of The Hunger Games. I guess I couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve been seeing tweets and Facebook posts for ages mentioning the trilogy, but it took the realization that a movie was forthcoming for me to get the book.

I should have just bought all 3 on the spot, as I ended up buying the Kindle versions over the weekend to finish.

Oh well. At least it only affected the weekend.

Back to the chicken.

I’m pretty impressed with them, despite not being a fan of frozen sandwiches. Typically the buns get too hot, or mushy, or end up tough while the meat reheats, but these didn’t. They stayed nice and puffed, the cheddar cheese good and melty. I decided to add a scrambled egg to it, which made it a great little breakfast, and the fact that it is all done in less than 2 minutes, even the egg? Great stuff.


Two minutes I can handle. Two minutes means I can sleep at least 5 more minutes every morning before school time. One complaint I do have is that because of the way they are packaged, they must be prepared 2 at a time. Seven doesn’t need 2 of them for breakfast…so I am forced to keep one aside to reheat later, or eat it myself.

On the upside, Seven really likes them, and this says a lot, considering he isn’t really a big fan of meat in general. Are they something I crave, the best meal ever?

Of course not. But that’s not what freezer meals set out to be, I don’t think. They set out to be good. Easy. Time savers that are edible, and if they actually TASTE GOOD, even better. These achieve that, as they do taste good, and I’m glad to have them!

To find them in your area, use the Tyson Goodness Locator, found here.

You can also find a great rebate – $5 Gift Card to Wal-Mart with the purchase of 2 boxes – Here. (It’s like getting a box free, practically.)

Want to see all of the pictures and notes I took during the shop? You’re welcome to view them over here on my Google+ Album.

As I mentioned, I was contacted by Collective Bias (#CBias) to shop for these Tyson Items (#TysonGoodness). This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. This was a sponsored shop, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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