Gingerbread Popovers

I can’t seem to get enough gingerbread in my diet this Christmas.  I swear, anything that sits still long enough has gotten a spicy holiday makeover.  Cheesecake (forthcoming!), Cinnamon Rolls, Cookies, Beignets, and now popovers.


As you are probably aware, I am a huge proponent of popovers, and they really need to become more popular. They should at least be as popular as French Toast and pancakes.  They are every bit as easy, and even more delicious.  So what’s the hold up, America?

Let’s promote the popover to the grand trilogy of breakfast items to douse in syrup.

Too late – I declared it so.

And so it is.

Let’s commemorate the occasion with Gingerbread Popovers.  To make them even more celebratory, feel free to cover them in Biscoff Syrup.  Or whipped cream with a little nutmeg and cinnamon thrown in.  Or eggnog syrup.  You could do that, you know.  Or, if the making of the popovers did you in, there’s nothing wrong at all with a squirt or two of Aunt Jemima.

Go on with your bad self.



If you’re looking for a giveaway, you’ll just have to hold your horses for a few hours.  I’m too busy celebrating the induction of the popovers to their trilogy.  But there WILL be one, I promise!   So check back this afternoon for more info.

imageSpeaking of trilogies (dig that segue) – have you read The Hunger Games?  I can NOT believe I fell into another young adult series.  I mean, come ON, I’m in my thirties.  I read the Twilight series, like 90% of the world.  And then, in a weak moment after seeing the preview to The Hunger Games, I finally bought it.  I promptly read it in about 3 hours, and then I was stuck…continue, or let it go?

Amazon won out in under 32 seconds and I had the next two books delivered to the iPad before I could say trackerjacker.

I have to admit I’m looking forward the movie.  Which scares me.  Because I know it will be full of kids, and I forced myself to imagine older people while reading the books.  Like Brad Pitt as Finnick.  It kept me from feeling all grody when lusting after him, ya know?

I should stop talking now.

In case you haven’t read the series though, I do recommend it. It was an easy read, nicely done, exciting, and finally, a little different.  No vampires.

Give it a shot.

And now, so I sound like a grown up, I also really enjoyed A Thousand Splendid Suns.

So there.

See ya back here later!