Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Cream Cheese Popovers


Growing up, we always had Poptarts in the pantry.

My mom worked full time, my dad owned a photography studio, and meals on the weekdays were quick and easy because the two of them were always busy.  Running out the door in the morning, you’d think that I would have grabbed those Poptarts versus eating a bowl of cereal at my grandmothers where I caught the bus…but no.

The Poptarts were without fail Brown Sugar and Cinnamon…my Dad’s favorite.

Not mine.  I wanted Strawberry with sprinkles.  Brown Sugar and Cinnamon was for grownups.  Why couldn’t we have Cherry? Blueberry?ANYTHING else?? (We didn’t have all the fancy flavors they have today, we had the basics.  How many flavors ARE there now, anyway?  The Poptart section of the store is overwhelming.)

Anyway – I never ate them.

Fastforward to me being all grown up.  For years, I have been able to purchase whatever off the wall flavor I want, if I decided to buy any at all.  Which was rarely, before Seven came along.  Of course, kids love Poptarts, so I cave in.  I choose my battles these days…and Poptarts I give in on and let him choose whatever strikes his fancy.  There must be 27 flavors at his eye level in Food Lion, and what does he want?

Brown Sugar and Cinnamon.  Every. Stinking. Time.

God help us.  I blame Dad.

Luckily, Seven also loves popovers, and not just Poptarts.  So, I threw him a flavor combo I knew he’d appreciate.  Truth is, I appreciate it, too.  I especially appreciate the cream cheese filling – I am a girl, after all – and thanks to that filling, the popovers need no syrup at all.  Of course, you can add icing if you want…I will never turn down a little extra yum.

Neither should you.  Make them!