My Child is a Stain Magnet…

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Truth. Stains seek him out, and cover his clothing in chocolate, grass, snot, popsicles, and of course, buttercream.

In a house of cake, there is sure to be buttercream.

However, MY buttercream recipe is made of actual butter. And cream. But when it came time for Seven’s Pre-School Graduation, I didn’t make that cake. Do you know what that means?

Shortening. And Red Dye Number 5 out the wazoo.

Of course, because I am not tortured enough on a daily basis, the school decided the kids should wear WHITE cap & gowns. I know, I know. And, because it was a special occasion, I put my child in a white Polo. Brand new. Tags on it and everything. Surely, I thought, he could make it through a small program without a stain. Surely.

I have got to teach that child not to use his shirt as a napkin.

Luckily, when we got home and I peeled the disgusting shirt off of him, I had been sent a bottle of Shout® Trigger to review. Same day, no joke. I glanced over the directions (basically, spray it on the stain, then wash), and started spraying that shirt down.

Then I threw it in the wash and forgot about it. I just assumed it wouldn’t stand a chance on that shirt. It was a wreck, and the photo does it no justice.


But low and behold…here it is, fresh from the dryer.

So, would I recommend it? You bet I would. If you have a messy kid, a typical man, or you tend to get lipstick and chocolate on your sheets (no judging, just saying it could happen), you should pick up a bottle of this stuff. It’s different than the rest…it’s easy, and it works! They sell it at Walmart…and I bet you live near one. You likely need this stuff…I know I do. Heck, since that graduation episode, I’ve sprayed Shout® Trigger on just about everything that sits still.

I still can’t find the dog.

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