Vanilla Sugar and Lavender Popovers

My garden is full of lavender right now. It’s actually kind of ridiculous. I have no idea what to do with all of it, so I just continue to let it grow. It’s lovely to look at, to smell, and yes, to eat.

I’ve been tossing the buds in with pretty much anything that I bake. Not that I’ve had all that much time to bake lately, as I’ve been… out.

Out to Monterey. Home a few days. Out to Seattle. Home a few days. Out to Gettysburg. Out to Hershey. Home a few hours. Out to Los Angeles.

Home now.

Lavender in my popovers.


I’m tired, you guys. I love the traveling, but this coast to coast thing is a little exhausting. Plus, when I go on trips, people take care of me. I get picked up from airports in fancy cars, taken to gourmet restaurants, put up in swanky hotels. I mingle with people that gals like me just don’t mingle with in real life.

At home, I do dishes and laundry, eat mac & cheese for breakfast, and drive mySELF.

The horror.

True story, the Tale of Two Doughmesstics.

I need to take a few days to merge them back into the same person, but the spoiled brat in me just doesn’t want to do anything about her attitude. I made her do the dishes last night, and then make the popovers this morning.

It wasn’t pretty.

The popovers are delicious, though – full of sweet, earthy fragrance, and topped with a fresh raspberry syrup, you’re talking good eating. As good as any gourmet pastry chef would serve you, should you be traveling somewhere fabulous.

The dishes, however, are still dirty. It happens. The brat is a tough broad to tame.


Vanilla Sugar and Lavender Popovers

Rating: 4
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Yield: 4 souffle cups, or 6 large/12 mini popovers


3 eggs
1 cup milk
1/3 cup vanilla sugar
1 tablespoon melted butter
pinch salt
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 tablespoon lavender buds
1 cup All Purpose Flour
3 Tablespoons Butter


Preheat oven to 375F. Divide the 3 tablespoons butter into the cups of your Pop Over Pan. (If you don’t own one, you can use a muffin tin, but you will need to use all 12 cups. Just divide the butter up evenly) Place the pan in the oven for 3-5 minutes while you are making the batter.
In medium bowl, beat the eggs with the milk,melted butter, salt, vanilla, and sugar, then whisk in the flour and lavender. Pour the batter into the butter filled cups. Return to oven for 5 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 350 and continue to bake for another 20 minutes. Drizzle with your favorite syrup (I made a fresh raspberry syrup), and whipped cream, if desired.. Serve and enjoy!

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