Sweet Cream Vanilla Popovers


I finally realized something while at Paula’s for her birthday this week.

I’ve not posted my simple, basic, go-to Popover Recipe. The recipe I can make in my sleep. The recipe I prepare multiple times a month. The recipe I pull together on vacation, or while visiting family.

This is my most loved recipe…and it never fails me.



Add a buttery syrup. Add whipped cream. Add berries, or add nothing at all. Anything goes here. Personally, I love a strawberry syrup, but for Paula’s Birthday Breakfast, we served them with maple syrup and fresh blueberries.

So good.


Makes up (hopefully) for the fact that I underbaked half of her cake and overbaked the other half. And that I neglected it for the biggest part of the day while we went out to shop and eat dinner. And that I barely managed to even get icing on it after 10pm, no piping, no fondant, no camera worthy decorating. Just lots of Oreos and buttercream.

Everyone seemed to like it, though. So maybe it wasn’t THAT bad. She’s still talking to me, anyway.


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mixed-speakers copy

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Hope you had a great 4th!!

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