Packing It All In

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Atlantic Luggage for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My life as of late has been one trip after another. Seriously. Let me detail it for you…

  • January – The Greenbrier
  • February – Boston
  • March – 10 days in Florida
  • April – Upstate New York
  • May – Monterey, California
  • June – Seattle
  • June – Pennsylvania
  • June – Los Angeles

That’s a lot of going for a small town gal like me…and I still have at least 5 trips in the works through the end of the year. At least. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. Even the airports and flying? I love. I don’t, however, enjoy lugging my duffle style carryon through every major airport in the continental US. One of my duffles, the smaller one? It squeaks with every step I take. Annoying as all get out. The larger one? It’s great, but it’s without wheels, so I hate sitting it down on bathroom floors, because then I just have to pick it up and carry it, knowing it’s full of cooties. So…I’d been on the hunt for the perfect big but not too big rolling carryon. I had requirements.

  • Good wheels. None of this hard to roll crap – it needed to be fluent and easy.
  • Must not freak out the gate attendants with its size at the airport. I actually want to CARRY ON my carryon, not put it beneath the plane, thanks. So, it needs to not be at max allowed size.
  • Must not be black. Everyone else has a black one, and I want to be different.
  • Must have an outside pocket, because invariably, I forget something or remember something late, and I need a quick place to shove said item.

See? You’d think it would be easy. Somehow, somewhere, the Luggage Gods heard my plea, and sent me this…
The Compass 2 from Atlantic Luggage. When this baby landed on my front porch, I immediately fell in love. It’s eggplant, for one – not black – so, score one. Also, it has not one, not two, but three outside pockets. Two of them are non-zip, so I can easily drop in my GPS for the rental car, or my headphones, or my camera battery charger at the last possible minute. Third, it has sweet rollers. Smooth like butter. I can drag her over just about anything. Fourth – the size is great. Not too big, so it will surely fit under the seat in front of me on small planes, and of course, in the overhead bins as well. My wishlist is complete. Now I can travel without wearing out my shoulder or walking all wanky through the airports due to a heavy bag. Plus – it’s the perfect size to pack everything for my son Seven should we go on an extended trip. Say, for example, we went to the beach. Or Florida. I can fit everything he needs in there, and then some. Like:
Photo1(15) Photo1(12)

His Blanky. 2 pairs of shoes. 7 pair of shorts, 10 shirts, 7 pair of undies. 4 pairs of pajamas. Socks. Perry the Platypus. His iPhone. Shampoo, toothpaste, and toothbrush. Greatest part? HE CAN PULL IT HIMSELF.

I win.

Now, you can too. Remember when I said I went to Florida for 10 days in March? Turns out, I JUST missed the new waterpark at Legoland (which opened in May 2012) with a wave pool, tube slides, and body slides. You can also imagine, design, and build a unique LEGO vessel and set it afloat on the 1,000ft long lazy river. Cool right? Yeah – I missed that, so I need to go back.

You, however, can WIN that.

The Atlantic Luggage and Legoland Sweepstakes includes: – A chance to win a 2 day vacation for two adults and two children to Legoland in Florida. – The prize includes hotel for 2 nights (one 4 occupancy room) – Car voucher – Meet and Greet with a LEGOLAND Master Model Builder – A free set of Atlantic luggage.

Tell me that’s not something you’d be in to. I know I would be!

Have a great day!

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