Kitchen Renovations…with Lowe’s! {And a Giveaway!}

So…you’ve seen my new KitchenAid Appliances. You’ve seen my Moen faucets. You’ve seen a couple of teaser photos of the other improvements – improvements made with the help of Lowe’s!

One of the most dramatic improvements was the backsplash. The glass tiles (not ceramic, solid glass) came in square foot sheets, and lucky for me, I didn’t have to try to match up the patterns thanks to Jon doing all of the work! Up close, you can see that the tiles are kind of deep burgundy and a fir color, with some shades of grey as well, but, if you step back, it’s very neutral and appears to be all shades of grey. I LOVE it!!

Now, I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but this particular backsplash wasn’t what I had in mind for the kitchen. I kind of thought I wanted penny round tiles, and possibly in stainless steel. Have you seen them? They are gorgeous, but my, are they ever pricy. I seriously considered it though, but before plunking down the $1600 needed to order them, I decided it would be a good idea to make one more trip through the tile aisle at Lowe’s.


Oh. My. Word.

I needed 42 square feet of tile. Tell me it wasn’t meant to be when I stumbled upon a few boxes of MY glass tile – 44 square feet of it – on CLEARANCE. I took a chance I would like it, and bought it all. I knew if I only bought one as a sample, I’d love it, then I’d have to go back to Lowe’s, and of course, it would be gone.

Oh, did I mention it was on clearance? Ha, yes I did. I bought ALL of it for $26.

Not a typo – Twenty SIX dollars.

Love it even more now, don’t you. I know. Me too.

So what else did I do to make this the kitchen of my dreams? Well, we added a new back door, to let in more light. It has the shades built in between the glass, which makes it really nice (and no dust!) I can stand in the kitchen and see Seven playing outside, too, so that makes it really convenient!

IMG_3313You’d think that might be enough, right? Nope. I needed a cabinet. Not one that could be ordered – I wanted something special.

Thanks to the new fridge and moving around of the existing cabinets, I had space above the refrigerator for a larger cabinet. I wanted something for part of my cookbook collection, as well as a place to store wine.

A few simple sketches and a trip to Lowe’s later for pine boards, woodglue and screws, and we were in business! Basic cuts (measure twice, always measure twice!) and well placed supports made me this:


Perfection! Well, almost. You see, my existing cabinets are maple, not pine. So, I couldn’t stain it to match. I do have an art degree though, so I mixed a few colors, did a little faux treatment, and voila, it looks like the other cabinets now!


To say I love it is an understatement, and I highly recommend trying something like this out yourself. It took only a few hours and time for paint to dry, and it adds so much to our kitchen. great idea for a kids room (cubbies for baskets of toys), or the bathroom, or office, and costs very little. Plus, you can customize it to make it for YOUR needs!


Lowe’s would like to help you out with that, and so would I.

Would $100 Lowe’s Gift Card help? Just let me know you’d like to have it, and one of you will win it.

For more chances to win:

There you have it…5 chances to win $100 to Lowe’s! Good Luck!

Giveaway is sponsored by and shipped from Lowe’s. Giveaway ends 11:59pm EST on September 10, 2012. US Addresses only, please. Disclaimer: I was supplied a gift card to Lowe’s to purchase items for my makeover, but was not compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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