Give ‘em Ragu…Make Your Own Commercial

I am an app-aholic.

Seriously, I have to limit myself, as well as go into my iPhone and iPad every so often to delete several apps I just HAD to HAVE.

So, when I get an email from my friends at Circle of Moms asking me to try out an app?  You know I did.  The kicker?  The app was produced by Ragu.  Spaghetti sauce app? 

I do love me some spaghetti.

I was intrigued by the idea of this app.  What would it be?  After a few weeks of launch delays, it finally hit the App Store.

You can make your own Ragu Commercial.

For real.

Upload your favorite photos of your kid, your favorite videos, even, to participate in the Long Day of Childhood Campaign with Ragu.  Kids may not have it as rough as their parents, but, hey…you remember being a kid, right?  Some days are just jam packed.  This app is a cute way to save those memories, and entertain the youngin’s at the same time.  You can import pictures from your own Library or your Facebook account…and in a matter of minutes, the Ragu App transforms them into a little commercial.

Here’s the link to mine…


Pros: Very easy to upload and navigate, super quick to post the finished video on Facebook or Youtube.  Seven loves seeing video of himself, so, that’s a plus.

Cons: It’s nearly impossible to get the app to focus on the faces in your photos.  I tried twice to get the app to not cut off his head, but as you can see, it does pretty much what it wants to do.  I imagine you could play around with it and get it to suit you, but twice was my limit.  Even after viewing it on the App before saving it, things looked good, but once it was saved for Facebook – weird crops.

I can live with that for a free app.

If you’d like to play with it, you can simply search the iPhone App Store for “Give “em Ragu”, and in moments, it’s yours.  Give ‘Em Ragu is available on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.), and on Android devices. You can also play with it on Facebook.

*Disclaimer – I was compensated for my review of this app, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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