Tulips…and a Giveaway

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Right after we were married, Jon and I traveled with friends on a whirlwind trip to Europe. Two weeks, incredible hotels in incredible cities, nearly a train every day (thank God for the RailPass!), and food and fun like you can only imagine. One of our stops was for several days in Brussels, Belgium. It was so convenient not to have to unpack and repack during that time, as it was a great neutral location. From there we could take off on day trips, say, to Paris (which we did), and to Amsterdam (which we also did.) And, oh, what a day trip that was.


The trek from Brussels into Amsterdam is gorgeous – windmills, blue skies, quaint buildings. But the real beauty is in the fields. Acres upon acres of colorful tulips, like rainbows laid out on the ground. I’m sure you’ve seen photos of the aerial view – just stunning. But to be surrounded by them, in person?

There’s nothing like it.

I love tulips – they are certainly one of my favorite flowers to receive – but they are also one of my favorite to give as well. Cut tulips are great, of course, as they look beautiful on their own, arranged in a plain vase. But I love getting tulips that are potted. Why? Because they keep coming back, year after year. They multiply. What started as a friend giving a small gift of six flowers turns into a garden full of color before you even know it. And the colors? So gorgeous. What’s not to love?


I was just challenged to Pay It Forward with tulips, and honestly, I jumped at the chance. This is the perfect time of year – it’s been cold and dreary, a little too snowy for a little too long – and now is the time we could all use a pick me up. Tulips work.

A friend of mine has recently run into a bit of bad news…not impossible news, but the kind you just don’t like to get. I’ve had similar news in the past, and trust me…it’s no fun. So tomorrow, I’m going to try to make her feel just a little better. tulips-instoreI picked up a few potted bulbs today at the grocery store (you can get them at the florist, Walmart, grocers – you name it), and when she shows up, she’ll get this little surprise. I know she will plant them – she’s a great gardener, and maybe, just maybe, she’ll love me enough to come back and plant some with me in my own garden when the ground warms up a bit.

Fingers crossed that happens.

I’m tired of being cold, aren’t you?

Now, I wish I could give ALL of you some tulips, but, well, that’s just not in the cards, is it? But, I CAN give ONE of you some!

I am happy to say I have a $25 Gift Card for one of you to spend as you wish – and hopefully, on potted tulips. Maybe even tulips to Pay It Forward yourself. IS there someone you know who could really use the pick-me-up? I’m sure there is…who couldn’t use a little extra sunshine in their day? I love that they look gorgeous now, tall and colorful, and seem so happy in their little containers – and then in a few weeks, they’ll go into the ground for next year – a gift that keeps on giving!

Just let me know who you’d give your tulips to, and why.Who’s that someone special? Your mom? Grandma? A good friend? Or maybe it’s your kiddo? I picked up a few for Seven (okay, really, for me, but I’m not allowed to say that out loud) and we will make a fun pot to put them in for Easter. He loves to paint, and it’s so cheap and easy to buy a terracotta pot from the store to paint on. Of course, you could decorate a pot for pretty much any occasion (I’d avoid this Pinterest Board if I were you – wow! – so many ideas.)…the sky is the limit!

Good Luck!


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