The Dish on the Dishwasher with #FinishMoms and #CleanItForward

Show of hands…who hates doing the dishes?

Now, let’s be more precise.  Who hates doing the dishes, even if it’s just loading and unloading the dishwasher, and you can’t even put your finger on WHY, because seriously, it only takes like 6 and a half minutes, total?

Yeah, so maybe it’s just me…but I just don’t think so.

I’m not sure what the issue is.  Dishwashers are genius, especially the new models that use less water, higher temperatures, are faster, and STILL manage to get your dishes super clean.  Why do I dread loading and unloading?

I may never have survived in my grandmother’s day, when everything had to be washed by hand, in harsh soaps, because the roast that you had to cook in a huge pan that every morsel stuck to would have probably been the death of me.  I know my limits.  As much as I like to think of myself as pretty domesticated and a trooper – pssshhhhh – just, NO.

Now, after we got our new, improved, downright amazing KitchenAid dishwasher last year, I saw what a nice dishwasher can do.  I was kind to it for the first few months, but then? Well, it was time to push it.  I am a constant over-loader.  I’m bad, I know it.  But you know who is worse?  My sister.  Sweet Lord, that girl throws things in her dishwasher all mamby pamby, no rhyme or reason at all.  I can’t even artfully describe to you the state of her dishwasher.  I can’t even guarantee you that her children’s underwear aren’t thrown in there somewhere.  But, I guess it works for her, and maybe the whole underwear thing isn’t that bad of an idea.

The biggest thing about using a dishwasher though is this:  The detergent.

I know this for a fact.

You see, I was on a little vacation where I had a bit of cheap dishwasher detergent left over, and instead of throwing it out (no!) I brought it home and used it.


Even an under-loaded wash cycle left me with scuzzy dishes.  They just weren’t clean.

You absolutely get what you pay for, and that’s why for months and months, we’ve been devoted users of Finish.


Lots of reasons for this, and I am happy to tell them to you.

First off, it was on sale one day, so I had to at least give them a try.  Secondly, previously, I had used liquid detergent (not dishwashing soap, as my genius cousin J loaded into his dishwasher once and promptly sudded up his entire kitchen floor).  Just the little step of not having to squeeze out the dosage of soap and instead pop a little capsule into the dishwasher was a huge bonus for me.

I. Am. Lazy.  So sue me.  I like the convenience of those little pods.

Another reason?  The little red ball of whatever that is in the center of the pod gets my dishes cleaner, brighter, not streaky.  I suppose the ball is magic.  I’m not a scientist, so, magic is a good enough answer.

So, how much of having cleaner dishes is my fancy dishwasher, and how much of it is Finish?  Well, I’m going with the Finish, because I know the dishes didn’t get clean with the crappy off brand.  What good is having a time saving dishwasher if you have to rewash the dishes?  None.  So, I am a Finish gal.

Not Finnish, like the quiz on Facebook told me I should have been, as well as I should live in Idaho, and I would be a porpoise if I were an animal, and were I in college, I should major in Biology and perhaps I should be a CEO of a company.  Thanks Facebook for those little time-sucks.

So, all that said, imagine my JOY when Finish actually emailed ME and said – Hey! We’d like to send you some Finish, and Jet Dry, and we’d like to know what you think about it.  Will you be a #FinishMom?  Hello?  Yes please!


In January, Finish came out with a new line of their already great products, but this version contains less harsh chemicals, called Power & Free.  What is special about the Power & Free products products? Well, they feature Hydrogen Peroxide Action to power away the toughest food messes.  Plus, the detergents (Quantum & Powerball) contain no chlorine bleach, use less fragrances and dyes versus regular Finish detergents.  That’s good stuff, especially if you worry about that kind of thing. As a mom, even a hip, nonchalant mom, I do.

I was sent the new Finish Quantum Power & Free™ to try out.  Here’s a quick description:

A three-chamber capsule featuring powerful cleaning ingredients with Hydrogen Peroxide Action. This product delivers sparkling clean and amazing shine, all with less harsh chemicals than the regular Quantum formula.

Thoughts? I love it!  And, I think you would love it, too.  Jon and I both really, really prefer it, and it does an excellent job, even with the “less harsh” chemicals.  I even put nasty, lasagna-gooped pans in the dishwasher and it STILL does an amazing job.  Score!

Finish Power & Free line consists of the following products which provide superior residue protection versus detergent alone so that nothing is left behind.

Finish Power & Free Dishwasher Products

  • Finish® Quantum® Power & Free™ dishwasher detergent ($.30 per wash)
  • Finish® Powerball® Power & Free™ dishwasher detergent ($.22 per wash)
  • Finish® Jet-Dry® Power & Free™ rinse aid ($.05 per wash)

Want a Free Sample?

Fill out the sample request form to try it out yourself! Be sure to like Finish on Facebook to keep up on all the latest product news and offers.  (Hello?  Free. Free!)

Finish Power and Free Free Sample

For the next few months, I will be continuing to use the new Power & Free products, and keeping you up to date on the process.   I hope you will also “Clean it Forward” and take the Power & Free challenge with me by replacing your current dishwasher products with this new line!

Finish Power Free Alliance of Moms

Disclosure: I am a member of the Finish Power & Free Alliance of Moms, a sponsored program.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Even that thought about my sister’s dishwasher.

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Finish® is the #1 recommended dishwasher brand worldwide and has been a leading dishwashing product pioneer for the past 60 years. The brand is continuously innovating and testing its products to ensure families ultimate clean and amazing shine. This commitment has made Finish’s products recommended by more brands than any other dishwashing brand. The brand’s wide range of products meet anyone’s dishwashing needs.

Finish® Quantum was recently voted a Better Homes & Gardens Best New Dishwasher Detergent of 2013 by consumers. The product was also voted Product of the Year in the Dishwashing Detergent Category based on the 2013 BrandSpark/BHG American Shopper Study.

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