Changing Reality & Learning to Bloom

Things have changed for me lately. A lot. I’m not one of those people who likes to talk about physical fitness, about diets, or about anything of the sort.

I like to talk about cake. Cookies. Brownies made with bacon and caramel.

But here’s the thing…talking about it is ONE thing, eating it, and plenty of it, is entirely another.

As a food blogger, and a food blogger who tackles the indulgent types of recipes I do, I’ve had more than my fair share. Slowly, over the past year, I’ve watched my weight climb nearly twenty pounds – and that was from a weight I didn’t particular care for in the first place. Every new cookie recipe, every new cheesecake – I ate it. I tasted it in each stage of it’s creation, and then in its completion. And sadly, I avoided the scales because I just didn’t want to know. I could still fit in my clothes, though they were tighter, but for the first time, I could SEE the weight. I had a belly, and that’s not something I’ve every really had. I’m a bigger girl – sturdy, broad, but not a belly. I carry my weight all over, which I guess is fortunate, but what it comes down to is this– I was fat.

Not good.

So about a month ago, I took a deep breath and stepped on the scales.

Awful. Just – not good. I was 5 pounds lighter than my heaviest weight ever…and the pictures from that time of my life were horrid. I was embarrassed that I let myself get into this shape. Things had to change.

The following Monday I began a new way of life.

I joined our local fitness club, and jumped into a class called RIPPED. It’s mostly kickboxing, weights, some dancing, cardio. It’s miserable. It’s an hour long curse-fest, but I do it. I go, even when I don’t want to. I dread it all day, but then feel so much better about myself when I get home.

On top of that, I started a diet.

I’ve always struggled with my weight, in part because of my PCOS, which makes my sugar not really process properly, and in part because I truly enjoy wonderful foods. Learning where to draw the line is what I am now doing. Not just a diet – but a new way of thinking about food in general.

A huge help in my weight loss/ healthy eating has stemmed from an app, called LoseIt, that I downloaded to my iPhone. It keeps track of my daily exercise, my food intake (it has thousands of foods, even restaurant dishes and specialized brands), and rewards me, lets me know how many days it should be until I reach goal, allows me to record my weight, and KEEPS ME HONEST. I will seriously not eat a candy bar, just because of the guilt I feel when having to add it into the app.

The diet I am on is roughly 1200 calories, and I’ve curbed the carbs, upped the protein and fiber, and cut out caffeine except for a couple of restaurant visits. One big boost for me has been cereal (and no, not sugary cereals), and using Silk Vanilla Almondmilk on it. It’s become a bit of a routine – I take my son to school, then I come home and have a banana and a small bowl of cereal with Silk. It makes me feel like I am doing something good for my body, treating myself well, and taking care of myself, inside and out. Blooming, as Silk would say.


Since starting the diet and exercise plan, I’ve not missed a single RIPPED class (it’s twice a week, whoa!), and as of yesterday, I’ve hired a trainer to help me two more days per week to slim my waist, tone up, and get a BUTT. I’ve always wanted one! And for the diet, I’ve stuck to it. I allow myself to cheat once or twice on the weekends, otherwise, I feel like I will give up, and life is more than being thin, right? Sometimes life is about cake. So I do still eat it, just not every day!

Wellll…results? I’m down a bunch of inches, and 15 pounds! I have a goal in mind (actually 3) and I try to keep those in mind every time I pass the candy aisle and head for the veggies. My big goal is to lose an additional 34 more pounds, but I’d settle for 24. Heck, 14 more pounds is my little goal, and I’m fine with that, too. Baby steps. I already feel better, my clothes fit much better, and I feel like I LOOK better. I even got complimented today on my looks, and I was thrilled! How cool is that?

So, in no way am I a trendsetter. Lots of folks are dieticians, trainers, coaches, experts…but I’m not. I just know what is working for me, and I’m proud of that. The working out, the diet, the Silk – It’s all doing wonders for me in so many ways…and I can’t say enough good things about that.

Maybe I’ll be brave enough to update you again on the results next month, when I’m hoping to be down another 12 pounds. Fingers crossed!

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I was approached by Silk, to let all of you in on their #MyBloom campaign. What is it? Well, in a nutshell, it’s about healthy changes, like the ones I have been making. Silk is made from plants, and like those plants, when YOU are getting everything you need to be healthy – you bloom. Perhaps you feel stronger, lighter, more focused. Maybe blooming means you are ready to take on the world. What does it mean to you to bloom? There’s really no wrong answer.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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