Getting in Shape and Dressing the Part…an Albion Fit Giveaway

I  mentioned a week or two ago that I have started a new diet and exercise plan.  So far, so good – I am sticking with classes and with my new trainer, I am watching the calories and carbs, I am drinking more water, and I am seeing the difference in the way my clothes fit.

That was the goal.  Feel better, look better.

One thing I didn’t really think about though, was what to wear while exercising.  The thing is, with a class full of women, it’s important (is it just me?) to look good.  Look like you belong.  Look like you can sweat for an hour straight without dying.

I don’t have the right clothes for that.

Or rather, I didn’t.

Thankfully, I was approached by Albion Fit, who offered to suit me up in some awesome workout gear.

The Petal Pant-Black/Sweet Stripe

Yes, I have purchased things from department stores, and they are a little less expensive, so, I will be honest…I was skeptical at first of the clothes and pricing at Albion Fit.  I’m a frugal chick, so, I am always wary.

One wear and I know it is worth every penny.

Charade Rashguard

Albion’s mission is to provide WOMEN with the most luxurious, flattering, and hassle-free  FITNESS AND LEISURE apparel on the market.  They are family owned.  They believe in quality, fair practices, green living.  And did I say quality?

The quality is exceptional.  The seams are tight, perfectly stitched, stretchable, breathable, and cute as heck.  You can feel the difference – these clothes will stand up to any abuse you throw at them.

Like I said, worth it.

One thing I can’t believe is this – and you won’t believe me either…the pants.  The Go Long Leggings in black.

These pants are somehow slimming, despite being form fitting.  For some reason (magic? voodoo?) they hug me, and keep my tummy tight, and yet there is no dreaded muffin top.  Where does the belly GO?  I can’t tell you.  But I would consider wearing these bad boys to the grocery store if I didn’t stick to the mantra that Tights Are Not Pants.  Leggings Are Not Pants.

Not. pants.

I am also thrilled with the jacket – how cute is this style called the Sweet Stripe Full Zip?  The ruffles dress up the standard hoodie, and who doesn’t love a hoodie?  I’ve been asked in class if I get hot, and the truth is – NO.  Like I mentioned, these clothes are very breathable, and I don’t get any hotter than if I were wearing a tee shirt.  As I don’t like to bear my arms yet (that day is coming, I’m working the triceps!) I prefer wearing a jacket right now, and this jacket is my favorite by far.  But Albion has lots of great ones to choose from!

Once my arms are where I want them to be – this shirt, The Tiebreaker,  is coming home with me.  it is MINE.  The ties are such a neat detail, and I can’t wait to wear it!

Tiebreaker Top

This top is also great – called the Love Racer – love the piping on it!  So much fun, and really flattering!

Love Racer, Silver

Discount Code & Giveaway

Thanks to Albion Fit, I have a special discount code for ANY of you who would like to try out their amazing line of fitness wear – and I highly recommend you do.  It’s for 15% off! Just use doughmesstic15 at checkout to SAVE through April 3!  One better maybe?

How about $100 Albion Fit GIVEAWAY?

That’s right!

Just enter below for a chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate to use at Albion Fit on anything you like.  What’s floating your boat?  Leave a comment here and you are entered to win!

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Disclaimer:  I was supplied review items from Albion Fit.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.