Traveling Cross Country…an American Road Trip

Have you noticed I’ve been absent?

I have been.  So sorry!  But, summer is slow here in Food Blog Land, so I packed up my little family and headed West!

That’s right, as of June 11, I have been on the road, seeing the sights, eating the foods (so many foods!), walking the walks and combing the beaches.  We’ve been on boats and winding roads, in Nuclear Power Plants, perusing old volcanic grounds, eating meals from high above the cities, and splashing in cold Pacific waters…but we aren’t even halfway through our journey!


I’ve got so many things to tell you – and I will! – but as for now, I just wanted to update you on my whereabouts.  No, I am NOT missing!  As I write this, I am curled up in a gorgeous inn in Mendocino, California, after riding all morning down the Pacific Coast Highway and Route 1.  It was quite a drive, and one that was amazingly beautiful…but I will start with my Day One.

Virginia – West Virginia – Ohio – Indiana

Most of the sights were in West Virginia…we stopped at The New River Gorge Bridge for a quick hike to the amazing viewpoint.  From there we went deep into the countryside, to a tourist attraction that certainly lives up to it’s name – Mystery Hole.  Please don’t ask me the mystery…I have my theories, but, honestly – you’d be better off if I just didn’t share them.  It was a fun little stop, though…

After our tour, we continued on through the mountains, stopping to photograph an unexpected waterfall named Cathedral Falls, and then pushed forward to Point Pleasant, WV, the home of the alleged and famed Mothman.

West Virginia quickly changed to Ohio, and then to Indiana, where we stopped for the evening.  Everyone was beat after such a long day, so we grabbed a quick bite and tucked ourselves in for a much needed night of sleep.  The next day took us on the Chicago…and WAY beyond!  Stay tuned!