What’s Your FlavorPrint?

Sometimes, someone who thinks they know what they like (umm, me) finds out that believe it or not, there’s a whole new world of things they like as well.

Things that may have seemed unusual for them.

Things that just didn’t seem to make sense that a FORMULA – a computer program- could possibly know.

But someone found out otherwise.

I was asked by my friends at One2One to check out the new McCormick FlavorPrint site, take a flavor profile quiz, and then try out a few recipes based on what the site recommended for my proposed flavor profile.

I was hesitant, but hey, like I said, it was friends, so why not?

I did.

I created my login and password on the McCormick site, then answered a few simple questions.  The website was super easy, fun, and strangely enough, nailed me spot on, even with questions I thought made no real sense!  From there, it recommended a few recipes, and all of them really did sound like things I would honestly want to make.  Simple recipes, quick and easy, but with flavor pairings I may not have considered on my own.

Based on my FlavorPrint , I wasn’t surprised at all to see these particular flavors rising to the top.  But that the site had me pegged so well was kind of amazing!  I do love chocolate, cheese, and vanilla, and so many of the recipes containing onions/garlic.  They KNEW me!


I tried 3 different recipes – Oven Roasted Red Potatoes, Ginger Glazed Carrots, and a Barbeque Chicken Pizza.  All were great, and all fit my FlavorPrint.

Let’s start with the potatoes.  The profile said these were a 99% match for me.  Garlic & onion notes (of course!) and only 3 real ingredients. Great for us!  The prep was simple, and took no time at all.  I did throw in a few chopped onions, and that was a nice little addition. Great side dish!


The carrots I knew I would love as well.  We are a carrot family, and ginger is a spice we can’t get enough of.  Again, easy prep, and they went well with the potatoes, believe it or not.  Any protein would have been great, like chicken or steak, but I went with pork, and it was amazing.  I’d serve these flavorful carrots time and again.


Finally, the BBQ Chicken Pizza.  What’s not to love?  Pizza is good. BBQ Chicken? Also good.  We had this going in no time at all. using some of our homemade pizza dough.  The seasoning was full of punch, and all of us enjoyed it.  A nice change from the typical mozzarella and pepperoni pizza!



What exactly is McCormick’s FlavorPrint?

It’s a site I’ve now been back on multiple times, because it offers so many great options that fit me and my family, but finally get me thinking a little outside of the box and mixing things up!  You should give it a try!

McCormick® & Company, a global leader in flavor, has been driving innovation in the kitchen for 125 years with products that make life taste delicious. Now its new FlavorPrint recipe recommendations, which offer personalized recipe suggestions tailored to an individual’s flavor profile, is set to revolutionize the way people plan, shop, cook and eat – making it easier to put something on the table that the whole family will enjoy. Because flavor is at the heart of every meal, FlavorPrint recommendations are powered by the flavors you love. The recommendations also consider foods you might be trying to avoid, specific dietary preferences, how you like to cook and ingredients you typically have in your cabinets.  
How It Works  
Each person has a unique flavor “fingerprint” that is conveyed through a distinct visual mark, which has 33 “spikes” to represent different flavors in your personal flavor profile. The bigger the spike, the more prominent the flavor. The service compares each person’s FlavorPrint mark with thousands of ingredients, recipes and products – each with its own FlavorPrint mark – and recommends the best matches. 
In less than two minutes, you can find your unique FlavorPrint mark by answering a series of questions about flavor preferences. Like other expert online services that offer personalized music and media recommendations, the more you share through recipe interactions or refining your profile, like cooking styles and ingredients and equipment you typically have on hand, the smarter your recommendations become – so you can look less and cook more. Get started today at www.McCormick.com/FlavorPrint – your personal recipe recommendations await.

Disclaimer: I was sponsored by One2One and McCormick to try out the new Flavorprint site and these recipes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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