Summer and Picnics…and a Giveaway!

It’s been a good summer.

Nay, a great summer.

(How long have I been saying “nay”? I honestly talk this way. Truth. Ask my friends friend.)

I went on a 3 week cross country vacation, I hung out at the pool almost daily with Seven and our friends getting great tans, I went to movies, I cooked fun foods like spaghetti tacos, I went to The Keys and Las Vegas, and I rediscovered the art of the picnic at a nearby blast from my past – The Boon.

When I was growing up, The Boon was given.  A small grassy park that stepped into a dammed up shallow creek, full of weekend swimmers, burgers from the concession stand, kids splashing and diving, people fishing downstream.  It was always packed, and it was always a great time.

Then I grew up.

This summer was the first time I had returned to The Boon, despite it being a mere 5 miles away from where I live.  But a closed Town Pool led me and my friends (yes, multiple) back to the park from our childhood, in search of cool water and a place to relax.  We expected the old crowds, the chaos, the past.

We were greeted with a quiet creek and an empty lawn.  There was no one there.


So, we made it our own and have since returned several times.  It’s the perfect spot for a swim (the water is still clear and cool, the lawn still lush), but now we have to take our own snacks.  Seven and I have packed a few picnics and headed down for the day, joined by our friends, for afternoons of swimming, eating, and laughing.

There is always laughing.

My suntan hasn’t suffered, and I feel like we’ve stumbled upon a long lost secret.  It’s a gorgeous spot and we’ve made I our own.  I hate that the summer is soon ending, as I will miss the days of picnics and smiles…but then again, I know I have so much to look forward to next summer.


The Giveaway

Lucky YOU!  Finish® is giving away a $100 Visa gift card to one of you!  Could you use that?  It’s Back-To-School time, and I know $100 could go a long way around here!  I hope you’ll enter to win!

How to Enter:


Simple!  Just leave me a comment saying you’d like to win at the end of this post.  Simple

The Fine Print:

  • One winner will be chosen randomly  to win a $100 Visa Gift Card from Finish®.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Entrants must be 18 years or older.
  • Open to U.S. residents only.
  • Giveaway begins August 17, 2014 and ends August 24, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. EST.
  • Winner will be e-mailed.  Prize shipped by and courtesy of Finish.

Finish Alliance of Moms

Speaking of Back-To-School…Are you ready for the summer to end?  I am wavering, myself.  I will miss the pool and park days, the sunshine, and having Seven home with me.  But I also think I am ready to jump back into work, and to see him off to second grade.  I like the routine, I like knowing what to expect out of my days.  I find comfort in that.  But I really will miss the lazy days and picnics.

One of my ambassadorships this summer was with Finish, and they really GET ME.  In one of my shipments, along with plenty of detergent, they sent us a great picnic blanket (it’s coated and rolls up with a carrying strap, love it!) as well as an insulated picnic bag.  It’s been perfect for our trips to the park!


So that I can feel good about coming home from our lazy park days, I’ll whip up our lunch and snacks, pack them into the bag, and then throw all of the dirty dishes into the dishwasher with a little Finish capsule while we are gone.  Then, I get to come home to clean dishes and a clean sink!

One of the great things about Finish is that it works SO WELL.  This is important to me because I am a horrible dishwasher loader.  If it fits, it goes in.  There’s no rhyme or reason in there – I just shove it all in.  I’m not a good rinser-offer, either.  Luckily, Finish does an amazing job, and my dishes still come out sparkling!  I use the new Powerball® Power & Free, which has less harsh chemicals (yay!) – so I can feel better about LOTS of things!  (Yes, my kid eats straight out of the garden, and sometimes off the floor, but at least my dishes are clean!)

Finish Power & Free line consists of the following products which provide superior residue protection versus detergent alone so that nothing is left behind.

Finish Power & Free Dishwasher Products

  • Finish® Quantum® Power & Free™ dishwasher detergent ($.30 per wash)
  • Finish® Powerball® Power & Free™ dishwasher detergent ($.22 per wash)
  • Finish® Jet-Dry® Power & Free™ rinse aid ($.05 per wash)
Want a Free Sample?

Fill out the sample request form to try it out yourself! Be sure to like Finish on Facebook to keep up on all the latest product news and offers.  (Hello?  Free. Free!)

Finish Power and Free Free Sample 

I hope you will also “Clean it Forward” and take the Power & Free challenge with me by replacing your current dishwasher products with this new line!

Finish Power Free Alliance of Moms

Disclosure: I am a member of the Finish Power & Free Alliance of Moms, a sponsored program.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


About Finish

Finish® is the #1 recommended dishwasher brand worldwide and has been a leading dishwashing product pioneer for the past 60 years. The brand is continuously innovating and testing its products to ensure families ultimate clean and amazing shine. This commitment has made Finish’s products recommended by more brands than any other dishwashing brand. The brand’s wide range of products meet anyone’s dishwashing needs.

Finish® Quantum was recently voted a Better Homes & Gardens Best New Dishwasher Detergent of 2013 by consumers. The product was also voted Product of the Year in the Dishwashing Detergent Category based on the 2013 BrandSpark/BHG American Shopper Study.

In January 2014, Finish® released a new line featuring less harsh chemical formulas. The products include Quantum® Power & Free, Powerball® Power & Free and Jet-Dry® Power & Free.


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