Legrand Under Cabinet Lighting System…and a Giveaway

Sometimes, life is so full. You don’t even realize that things could possibly be better, because life is just going your way.

That usually lasts about 27 seconds.

I kid, I kid.

But there is some truth there. For example, I adore my kitchen as it is, complete with 2 fridges, granite counters, a gorgeous 48 inch range, and all of the accessories to make just about anything at any time. I have it good, and I know it.

I just didn’t realize it could be better.

But then, I got an email from Legrand, the company behind an amazing under cabinet lighting system.

I don’t have an under cabinet lighting system. Or rather, I didn’t.

When we originally remodeled, I gave it a quick thought, but somehow talked myself out of installing one. Then, later on, I assumed it was too difficult to go back and add.


Legrand took a look at my kitchen, and thought I’d be an ideal candidate for their system. A system that isn’t merely under cabinet lights, mind you, but under cabinet everything. Outlets (lots of them), USB hookups, charging stations, tablet holders, and even Bluetooth and hardwired sound systems.

Would I be willing to have such a system installed in my kitchen, they asked?

Ummm, well, yeah.


After picking out the accessories I wanted (the sound system, for sure, plus lots of USB hookups, a tablet holder and more), I got a big shipment in a few days. All of the components were there, and an electrician was scheduled to come make the needed changes. I assume someone with some electric know-how could install this system themselves, but honestly, even though there are ample diagrams and such included, electricity is a scary beast and I’d hire a pro. This system is genius, for sure, but you need someone who knows the ins and outs of wiring to get in there and work it out.

We did have some challenges, in that my backsplash is entirely glass tile, and new wiring needed to be run inside the walls to reach the new light/electric rail. Luckily, we were able to remove the cabinetry and drill holes just underneath, so that the wires could be pulled through. Other than some drywall dust, a little cursing, and some heavy cabinets to rehang, the system went in fairly smoothly.


The design of the system is truly smart…there is a rail that fits flush under the back of your cabinets and wall, and has openings every few inches for the insert of your choice, be it a standard electrical outlet (you can’t ever have too many of these in a hard working kitchen), or USB outlets, or, like I chose, the sound system. You simply swap the components in and out as you need! Love that you can move them around if you want.


The lights themselves plug in to a little spot on any of the outlets or components, so you don’t need to worry that the lights will be off center because the speakers are in the way – they just aren’t. It’s such a clever design!


I love that I can be in the kitchen cooking, and pull up my favorite music from my iPhone any time I want. (Don’t judge…that new Taylor Swift album doesn’t suck.) I run mine through the Bluetooth option, but if a friend is over, we can use a standard jack to play THEIR music as well. The dual speakers offer a kind of surround sound that I am loving! Nothing makes cooking better than a little music in the kitchen. Plus! Yes, PLUS, the sound system has it’s own cradle with connected charger, so, no need for extra wires running around. I can be jamming and charging at the same time, which frees up so much counter space and all that wire clutter. I’m also the type of person that can’t really breath if my phone charge drops into the red zone. Like, at all. I know, it’s a problem.


But back to wires. Well, cords. Cords used to be a problem. Not anymore. The cords are neatly plugged in to the rail, and I can move my appliances, like my stand mixers or blenders, wherever I need them at any time, as I am no longer resigned to keeping things plugged up in one spot! Same with my phone – I have several USB charging inserts so I can be plugged up all the time without the wires flopping everywhere. Things like this? Make me happy. Remember, red zone breathing is an issue.


Another great component I didn’t expect to enjoy so much is the tablet holder. Think about it…an extra hand to hold up your tablet as you pull recipes from the internet. I get most of my inspirations online, and it’s awesome to be able to rest the tablet in the cradle and not worry about spilling things on it as I cook. I can even watch movies while I am cooking now if I want – it’s such a great addition to my busy life…I love it!


Another love? The new light switches provided by Adorne that really jazz up my backsplash. Look at that thing! It’s beautiful, no? A light switch that looks like that? Everyone should be so lucky.


In fact, YOU might be so lucky!

Win a Legrand System for Yourself!

Legrand is giving away an adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting System to a homeowner looking to step up the design and functionality of his or her kitchen. Share a photo of your kitchen “before” an Under-Cabinet makeover using the hashtag #adornemykitchen for a chance to let adorne by Legrand provide your “after.”

Submissions are accepted via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or by submitting via the online form at http://www.legrand.us/adornemykitchen or by clicking here.

Disclaimer: I was supplied an under cabinet lighting system to review from Legrand. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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