Strawberry Yogurt Parfaits with Yulu

You may not know this (or maybe you do) – but I have been on a health conscious kick for months now.  That’s a pretty drastic change from the dessert loving, cake baking, bread bread bready bready bread eating food blogger I used to be.  Sure, I still love those things – all of those things – but I have realized there is a happy medium, a life that can have the deliciousness of sweets and at the same time, know that moderation is key.

For me and my diet, breakfast has become important – I used to skip frequently – and so is protein.  I drink protein shakes, I eat lots of lean meats, cheeses.  It’s been an adjustment, for sure, but it’s been so beneficial.  I look better, and more importantly, I feel better.

Getting older is no fun, but I am trying.  Feeling better any way I can?  I have to try it.

So when I was approached by Yulu, a yogurt company I’d not yet experienced, I was a little excited.  You see, Yulu promised protein…a whopping 9 grams in a cup.  Certainly this Australian style yogurt would taste batter than a chalky protein shake, right?



SO much better.  Of course, it doesn’t have 20 grams of protein, but 9 is a nice large amount, and very beneficial to just about anyone on ANY kind of diet.  Plus, this yogurt is super smooth.  It’s made in the USA (yay!) and is “double smoothed.”  I’m honestly have not the faintest what that means, but I assume smoothed twice?  Whatever it means, it’s good.  Very creamy, not sour tasting like so many of those Greek style yogurts that you need to learn to love.  Welcome to Aussie Style.

It’s great right out of the container, which is how my son Seven likes to eat it, but it’s even better when made into a sneaky little breakfast dessert.

You heard me…breakfast dessert.  I am so bad.  Bad-ish.

I simply sprinkle a few crushed graham cereal bites into the bottom of a small parfait cup, and layer that with the Yulu, fresh berries, and more cereal.  Crunchy and sweet and smooth and fun.

Feels like I am getting away with something.

Give Yulu a try…I think you’ll really like it.  We’ve become big fans here!


Check them out here!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Yulu. The opinions and text are all mine.


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