Blogger Bash 2015 #BBNYC

A couple of weeks ago, I attended my first Blogger Bash in New York City.

I am a blogger.

I go to conferences.

I KNOW conferences.

But Blogger Bash was such a uniquely different experience for me.  Unlike the foodie conferences I am used to, Blogger Bash was full of toys and parties and dresses and makeup, lotion and movies and teddy bears and candy and …well, it was like a fantasy land.

If you are an established blogger, looking for true connections to make with brands, or a newer blogger looking to jump in, Blogger Bash should be on your radar.  From resorts in the Caribbean, to Tourism Boards in the States, from jewelry designers to Gywnnie Bee, from Care Bears to Snoopy…there was something for everyone.

If I described everything…we would be here awhile.


I’m going to highlight my Top 5 Blogger Bash Experiences.

1.  This may sound simple, but I truly loved and thoroughly appreciated the Rite Aid set up.  In a beautiful sun-filled room with views out over the water, the Rite Aid Recharge Area was top notch.  Plenty of chargers available to plug in your ever-dying cell phone, a Candy Station to load up on delicious chocolates and licorice, wonderful custom goody bags, full of fun new makeup products, and MASSAGES.  Genius.  I met up with lots of new and old friends in the Rite Aid Lounge over the course of the conference, and it was a ball.



2.  Project Gravitas.  As a VIP Ticket holder, I was offered one of 7 spots to visit Lisa Sun’s Project Gravitas, a new clothing company located in the Garment District.  I will be writing a separate post on everything we did there, from meeting the designers, to visiting the pattern room, to seeing the clothes actually being made…plus being fit and styled by the owner Lisa.  We were fortunate to be gifted the dress of our choice, and then show it off at the fashion event at Blogger Bash.  Pretty amazing experience!

3.  The Peanuts Movie Luncheon.  Now that I have a kid of my own, finding movies that are fun for both him AND I is rewarding.  The Peanuts Movie is just that.  Our lunch was not only delicious, but we were joined by much of the cast from the movie.  The Little Red Haired Girl, Pigpen, Linus (what a character that kid was) and Schroeder filled us in on the behind the scenes workings of making an animated film, and they were every bit as adorable as the characters they played.  I’m looking very forward to seeing the movie with Seven this November!

4.  The People.  I was fortunate to be an Ambassador for Blogger Bash, so I had a team of amazing women with me at all times.  Some I had met, some I had not…but by the end, I had made some TRUE friends.  Going to a conference alone can be a bit intimidating, especially for an introvert like myself…but the Blogger Bash attendees I talked to were all wonderful people, so welcoming, and such enthusiastic people.  Surrounding yourself with people like that HAS to be a good thing!


5.  The BRANDS.  I fell in love with so many brands during Blogger Bash, and I am excited to have made the connections I made.  You’ll be seeing several over the next few months, both here and on my NEW (yep, NEW) site as things really get rolling.  Expect some fun things, and GIVEAWAYS, and just all around good stuff to be coming your way.



So, if you are a blogger looking for something different, and a true return on your time and money investment…check out Blogger Bash next year.  You won’t be sorry!


Disclaimer:  as mentioned, I was an ambassador for Blogger Bash.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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