Running the Mudderella

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About one year ago, I started a new diet and exercise program. If you know me at all, you’ll know that giving up carbs was a huge deal for me. Even more so, was devoting time every day to the gym.

I wasn’t skinny, y’all.

Working out is not easy. You have to put yourself in a mindset. The mindset that says “it will all be worth it in the end.”

On the rainy days. On the fat days. On the days were the bed feels so good you can’t bear to get out. You get out. And you go to the gym.

Looking back now at last year, I know I could not have run an endurance event. Cardio was difficult for me. But day by day, week by week, I got better. And I lost weight. And I got muscles.

Pretty big muscles, actually.

So this year, I signed up for a couple of challenges. One ? ?



Thanks to my friends at Influence Central, I formed a team of fantastic ladies that I call friends. And together, on July 25, we ran the Mudderella in Clarksburg, Maryland.

Funny story? Each of my teammates knew only me. They did not know each other. And yet the four of us, together, made an exceptional team. Mary Lynn is a friend of mine from home. Sometimes, we will work out at the gym together. She’s a tough chick. She’s a single mom, raising four great kids. Life is a challenge enough, but she decided this Mudderella was a challenge that she wanted to accept.  Stephanie, well, she drove all the way from Dallas, Texas to run. As if that’s not challenging enough…she was also brave enough to move halfway across the country, alone. And Stacie, well, she’s a tough chick too. She used to own a gym! A gym! Now though, she works for herself. And does a great job at it. All walks of life, but we totally bonded.

We laughed. We giggled. We pulled each other through that course. Mile after mile, we had an amazing time.

That’s what Mudderella is all about.


Women, friends, from all over. Together we all ran those miles. Strangers pulling strangers over walls. Through mud pits. Under cargo nets.  Women, all working together… All badasses, making sure we ALL left as badasses.

While Mudderella is much, much easier than some of the other mud courses, it’s still quite an event.  We tackled about 10 different obstacles and between 6-7 miles. Some more easy, like crawling on our bellies under wire. And some more challenging… like balancing on tire swings and moving from one to the next.  For me, the most difficult challenge was sliding down the slide into the muddy water at the end.  I’m such a chicken when it comes to heights. And slides. And water.

But I did it.

We all did it.

At the end, we all got our Mudderella headbands and T-shirts to wear as trophies. To show we succeeded. To show that women everywhere can stand together, and instead of beating each other down, we can lift each other up.

It’s a great feeling.


If you’ve been looking for a great way to motivate yourself… Look into Mudderella. And look into it with your friends. While it is an event geared for women, there were also men involved. Get a team together.

Take the step. You never know where it might lead.

For more on Mudderella

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New England – October 3, 2015 – Thompson, CT

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My Gear

Thanks to Athleta for the super cute and comfy workout clothes!  The pants were so breathable, and the high waist made them very comfortable…I was never worried my butt was showing!  And the two toned top was very flattering, as well as so quick to dry.  Loved it!

Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by Influence Central and Mudderella.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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