Mommy Wars are a Real Thing

Clan Wars. Civil Wars. Gang Wars. World Wars.

There are so many types of wars.

But until you’ve become one yourself, you may not be aware of the most overwhelming…

The Mommy Wars.

At least with the other types of wars, you KNOW your enemy.  You can be prepared for the attack – the knife wounds.  The gun shots.  You can build yourself a bunker and hunker down.

Not so with Mommy Wars.


Imagine you are at the mall, your toddler doing his little toddle beside you.  His jacket is tucked away in your somewhat poorly packed oversized purse (2 diapers, some wipes, a sippy cup, questionable goldfish crackers – but do they EVER really go bad? No.) when suddenly, a sweet looking mom-jean wearing ginger approaches you with a smile.

You think she’s going to congratulate you for having your stuff TOGETHER.  (No way she can see your socks don’t match, right?)  But as soon as she reaches out to pat your little man on his mop top, her smile pulls down and she SCOLDS you for not having him properly dressed for the weather.

The weather in the MALL?  It’s what, 75 in here?

Does he need his jacket INDOORS?  And, is it really any of her business?


And for the life of me, I cannot figure out why, when we as women already have so many obstacles stacked against us, ANY of us would scold another mother for a reason such as this.

Or for how they potty train.  Or sleep train.  Or breastfeed, or self-feed, or a variety of other things we all are perfectly capable of making our own decisions about.


It’s not easy being a parent.  You’ve been handed this entire PERSON, who needs freaking EVERYTHING.  None of us re experts.  Okay, maybe some are, but NO ONE knows OUR CHILD like WE DO.  Let’s give each other a break…Don’t we deserve it?

We do.

When I was at the Mom 2.0 Conference in Scottsdale this spring, I met up with Similac, who was very interested in hearing about the struggles we face, and how the Mommy Wars affect each of us.  It was an eye opening experience.

They are moms themselves, and want to open up the conversation.  In fact, they have even partnered with Hillary & Haylie Duff – both moms themselves – to try to put an end to these Mommy Wars.  And me?  Well, I am joining them.


You should really check out the video Similac created.  You can watch it here.  Plus, stay connected on their Facebook page…where you can weigh in on what YOU would do to help end the Mommy Wars!  There is also a Sisterhood of Motherhood Page – take a look and join in…Remember, we are all in this thing together!

(And truth, if I am wearing socks – yes, a rarity, they most likely do not match. Ever  But ya know what?  My kid is doing just fine.)

Disclaimer: I am an ambassador for Similac.  All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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