A Weekend in New York City…and a Giveaway!

I love that I get to travel, and I especially love that I am going to get to give one of you a night away…either in New York City (oh, you SHOULD), or anywhere a Homewood Suites can be found.

So, a huge thank you to Homewood Suites for the opportunity to see what your hotel is all about.

In New York City?

It’s all about EVERYTHING.

I’ve had the privilege to stay in some of the worlds finest hotels, and the wallet to stay in some not-so-great ones as well.  In New York, the further out of the city you go, usually the cheaper the accommodations get.  The rates in Manhattan are not for the faint of heart.  And?  You shouldn’t be surprised when your hotel room is the size of your first dorm room, barely big enough for the bed and a nightstand…square footage is at a premium in the Big Apple.

So, to be near Times Square, a safe and incredibly convenient area of the city, expect tiny rooms and high rates.

But not at The Homewood Suites.


I was shocked to find that the Homewood Suites offered such a great value, and is unlike ANY room I have ever stayed at in New York.  My room was well above standard size, complete with KING bed, a sofa, a large bathroom – and get this – a kitchenette.

It was located just a few blocks from Times Square, but far enough away you didn’t have to deal with crowds, and close to lots of great food and entertainment.  It’s perfect for a family…you can keep lunch or snacks in the full sized fridge, use the microwave, and more.  In a pricy city, this amount of savings goes such a long way.

My floor was actually located on the top floor – though it was luck of the draw – and up there?  There’s a huge terrace with lounging chairs, a bar in the evenings, warm heaters, and sweeping city views.  It was awesome!


Included in the rate is a full buffet breakfast – yes – full breakfast, and get this…many days during the week a full DINNER is included as well.  Dinner.  Included in a hotel rate.  I couldn’t believe it!  A great room, breakfast, AND dinner? Yes, please.

Another huge plus for me was the gym. Sure, lots of hotels have “gyms” – but this one was fabulous.  Towering ceilings, and lots of cardio equipment, and plenty of weight machines and loose weights. Weights!


I can’t wait to return to New York…and this is definitely on my list to return to.  It’s going to be hard to beat!

Weekend in New York…To Do

So…are you looking for a weekend in New York?

Here are a few suggestions of what to do if you have limited time.

  • Broadway.  Hit TKTS there in Times Square and grab a discounted ticket.  Rock of Ages was great.
  • Juniors. Either have a full on dessert dining experience, or, take a slice to go.  My favorite is the Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake, but the plain is out of this world.
  • Trendy but not Icky bars: The bar at The Hudson Hotel.  Just – very cool, without being too much.
  • Central Park.  Take a stroll.  You should.  So much to see.
  • Lunch.  Max Brenner’s place is yes, yes, yes.  A restaurant based on chocolate? Why wouldn’t you? Everything is AMAZING.
  • Empire State Building. Sure, climb on up.  There’s a wait, be warned.
  • Dinner. Tao.  Asian but American enough for the rest of us with food fright.  Thai Buddha Chicken. Get it.
  • Uber.  Take Uber vs. cabs.  You’ll save money, they are cleaner, and you’ll just like it better.

That should take you all weekend!  Enjoy!

Sorry, just have to share a pic of my last trip to NYC, where I met up with my girlfriend Sam and some of her people at The Hudson Hotel.  So much fun!


A Getaway Giveaway

Now…that giveaway.  Wouldn’t you like to have a free hotel night at a Homewood Suites?  I have one to offer you, courtesy of Homewood Suites!  You can choose New York, New Orleans, New…well, wherever, you decide!

Just let us now you’d like to win, and where you might like to go.  Your comment won’t doom you to Orlando if you later decide on San Fran, so, go ahead and comment! It’s all good!

Disclaimer:  I was hosted by Homewood Suites.  The giveaway is also courtesy of Homewood Suites.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Winner will be chosen at random on September 7, 2015 at 11:59pm and the winner will be notified via email provided.  One night stay will be in the form of a voucher and supplied y Homewood Suites.


  1. Such a hard choice! If Asheville or charleston have one, I’d pick ’em! Close enough for a nice, long weekend away with hubs and baby boy

  2. Crysta Dillon says:

    Love New York would love to go back.

  3. NYC!! i love your ideas!

  4. Anywhere but home! ???? Orlando sounds great!

  5. Remember the time we got stuck in the winter storm in NYC? Tiffany’s just happened to be the closest place to stay warm and dry. Hmmm, I think I spent a lot of money that night! And… the thunder snow from the 35th floor. Amazing! Must do a repeat!!!!

  6. NYC! It would make a great little excursion for us and the kids and is a reasonable drive for us (without having to suffer too many grueling hours in the car with kids that “have to pee again”!) or, it could be fun to use for a girls weekend getaway, minus kids. 🙂 Either or. 🙂

  7. I love NYC and I am going to be there in October. Would love to win. Thanks for the chance!

  8. i hadn’t even thought about Sam Francisco but that sounds amazing!

  9. Lezli Baker says:

    I would love to visit NY and stay at such an awesome place!!!

  10. That hotel looks gorgeous and spacious! I’d love a weekend in NYC not just because of all the cool things to do (okay, partly) but my daughter goes to school there and it’s great but expensive to visit.

  11. I’d love a weekend in New York

  12. I love NYC! That hotel would be amazing to stay at.

  13. Diana Blair says:


  14. Vanessa Fletcher says:

    Would love to win the Homewood Suites stay for a trip to NYC to see some shows.

  15. I have been trying to get the Hubs to go back to NYC w/ me for a long time. Free night would sway him. I love your ideas!

  16. Ellen ross says:

    New york city for sure!!! actually maybe even boston!!!

  17. Maryann Parris says:

    New York at Christmas!!

  18. New York looks awesome!

  19. Its hard to decide but since one of our favourite dancers is now dancing with ABT we have to get to NYC soon.

  20. Definitely NYC!

  21. I would love to win, and NYC is calling me!!!

  22. sally ervin -mabry says:

    I’d love a weekend….away. anywhere.

  23. I’d go to the coast (Corpus Christie/Padre Island)! Or Austin. Or Fredericksburg. Of course, I’m in Texas and like to say in Texas because I don’t like to fly! 🙂

  24. Lisa Maddox says:

    NYC, of course – is there any other place?!! Thank you!!!

  25. NYC would be amazing! It’s within driving distance from our new home and we haven’t been able to go there for a weekend yet! I’d love to.

  26. I’d love to stay in Charleston, SC.

  27. Susan Christy says:

    I’d like to use it at the Homewood Suites at Dallas Market Center.

  28. Stephanie Coldwell says:

    I’d use it in Florida! Just to get away for a day! 🙂

  29. I would like to visit the one in Atlantic City as an opportunity to visit my boyfriend who moved to southern New Jersey for a new job.