End Mommy Wars

Mommy Wars. I’ve written about this before, as part of my involvement with the formula brand Similac.

I met the Similac folks at Mom 2.0 last spring, and really liked what they stood for. Yes, they are a formula company, and hen Seven was a baby, they were my brand of choice. But I learned less about formula, and more about being a Mom. A non-judging, supportive MOM.

You see, Similac started an idea – The Sisterhood of Motherhood – to #EndMommyWars at the beginning of 2015, and are asking you – REAL PARENTS – to go to their Facebook page and share how you may have been judged while raising your child. How did you handle it? Did you overcome it?

I think all of us worry about what others think of us, especially when it comes to our children. We want to pretend we don’t, but let’s be honest…we want to appear to be GOOD parents. We worry. It’s what we do. But on that same token, how many times have we maybe opened our own mouths and spouted off an unwelcome opinion to another parent, whether or not it was meant to be helpful? It’s really something to think about. I wonder how many times I have done it myself. It kind of hurts to think about.

We all have our own way of doing things, and we all try to do our best. Try to think of that the next time you see a young mother struggling to make a good decision about what kind of diaper to buy, or if she’s using formula versus breastfeeding. Or how she dresses her baby. Or if she works versus staying home. Or if she gives her son a toy knife that he pretends to murder Pooh with. We don’t know what anyone else has on their plate, so be helpful. Be kind. Take the time to encourage and listen…you never know how much that might help another person, as well as yourself.

Together, we can end Mommy Wars. Check out more about it here.

Please consider visiting the Similac Facebook page and sharing your own story…we would all love to hear about it. But until then, here is a video that follows seven mothers, and how they have judged and been judged. It’s pretty overwhelming, watching it all unfold…grab a tissue or two. I could have used them myself.

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