Staying Active After the Resolution Wears Off

I think we all do this…

We find ourselves in a rut, and by December, we are ready to better ourselves, and vow to make a change in the New Year.

Eat Better. Exercise More. Organize.  Manage Our Time. Stop Eating Cheetos For Breakfast.

We get so excited that our lives are finally going to be BETTER.  We can’t wait for January First, the day everything good starts.  We get up and have fruit for breakfast, check our calendar, run some laundry (let’s stay on top of that!) and then we head off to the gym.

New Year, New Us.

And then reality sets in.

The gym is kind of hard work.

It’s sweaty in there.  Men are grunting and taking mirror selfies.  It’s not the best smelling place, either. And afterwards?  You really want a nap.

Yeah, being fit isn’t the easiest thing.  It’s a commitment.

So after a few days, the fun wears off and reality sinks in…

Can I do this?  Can I be someone who works out?  I just want to be thin.  I don’t want to WORK at it.

But yeah, you totally can.

Find some motivation!

For me, it’s the little things. But even though they are simple, they work.  Why?  Because I like a challenge.  And I like to WIN.  SO…


I reward myself with different things.

A piece of sugar free chocolate if I make it a mile on the treadmill.

A new workout outfit if I go 5 days in a row and don’t skip a session.

A date with myself at the movies if I surpass my steps goal for a solid week.

You can make the rewards fit YOU, and if you are like me, they really work.

But how can you stay in Fun Mode while at the gym?  The treadmill is boring.  You know it, I know it.  But, in case you missed the post I did last month, there’s a new product out that makes treadmill time actually FUN.

Goji Play 2.

This little system (basically two bracelets with buttons on them) turns the treadmill or stepper or other exercise machine into a video game.

True story.


Just wrap those little bracelets on the bars of the treadmill, set up your phone or iPad, and the buttons on the bracelet become the controllers for a BUNCH of different video games.  All you have to do is download your favorite games from Goji, and get to walking.  The point system keeps you enthralled and you barely even notice you’re exercising.  Really! Before you know it, you’ve walked for 30 minutes, and now you can have CANDY.

Sugar free, but still.  It’s CANDY.

And you are gonna look SO cute in your new workout gear.  At the movies.

I just know it.


More About Blue Goji

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Disclaimer:  I was given a Goji Play 2 to review, as well as compensation for my time.  All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.