Peanut Butter Breakfasts

When you think peanut butter, do you automatically think dessert (after sandwich, that is?)? I kind of do. It’s rich, it’s sweet. It goes great in brownies or ice cream. But peanut butter can really be for ANY meal. Sure, you can simply spread it on a piece of bread, add a little jelly, and have a quick bite for lunch, but there is so much more potential there. For example – Breakfast. I went on a hunt for some peanut butter laden breakfast treats, and here are just a few of my favorite finds. (Including, of course, my Peanut Butter & Banana Popovers – YUM!)

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Now, these two aren’t officially BREAKFAST, but, who’s to judge? I could easily down either one first thing in the morning and not skip a beat.

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  So, Susan, what’s the deal with the Peanut Butter Post??


You see, it’s spring now.  It’s warming up, the sun is starting to shine, the trees are budding, and I think it’s time for winter hibernation to be OVER.

Let’s get outside, let’s get moving.  It’s been a crazy winter, no?

Grab your kiddos and the bikes and head out for a little ride.  Swing by the park and see if the teeter-totters are ready for a ride or two.  Hike to your favorite waterfall, stroll around the neighborhood. Heck, a stroll to the mailbox is enough some days…just hop off the couch and get out there.

That’s where the peanut butter comes in. 

Peanut butter is full of extra protein, so that should give you just the amount of get-up-and-go you need to well, get up and go.

I partnered up again this month with Real Seal to help encourage just that – the motivation to move.  Real Seal products, like milk and cream and cheese and everything YUM are found in the above recipes, and also provide the breakfasty goodness you need for a strong day.

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Real® Seal (you recognize the logo, for sure!) is everything you should look for in the dairy aisle.  What does the Real Seal mean? Good question. The dairy industry four decades ago created the REAL® Seal. It’s an assurance that you are buying a genuine dairy product, made with milk from cows on U.S. dairy farms, and meeting strict manufacturing requirements. When you see the REAL® Seal on a dairy product or in a store or restaurant, you can trust it’s the real thing, and not an imitation.

To learn more about what the REAL® Seal means to consumers, what products carry the REAL® Seal, or what using the REAL® Seal can do for business, click on one of the links above. You can also visit the REAL® Seal Facebook page.

 Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Real Seal, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.