Costa Rica Getaway…Rio Perdido

A few short weeks ago, I snuck away to the jungles of Costa Rica.

Yes, jungle, not BEACH. Though Costa Rica does have outstanding beaches, and plenty of nightlife and seaside activities…that wasn’t what I was looking for.

I wanted a retreat.

Rio Perdido fit the bill.

Tucked away about 90 minutes drive from the Liberia Airport (which is very nice and modern!), the Rio Perdido is set alone in the canopies. Only 19 rooms exist here, and all are treehouses, complete with A/C and running water. There is television if you are so inclined, but, who has time for TV when there are hammocks on your patio, luxurious swimming pools, and a thermal spring running just steps away?

Yeah, we didn’t watch TV.

The roads to Rio Perdido are pretty good – especially most of the way. It does get bumpy the closer you get, and tight, but the drive is beautiful and is picture postcard perfect. You’ll see mountain tops covered in clouds, just like you imagine. You’ll cross stunning blue rivers, the color of milky turquoise. You’ll pass roadside shops and restaurants here and there…but for the most part, it’s just you and the road, until you pull onto the property.

A quick check in in the main hall will then lead you to your treehouse, and be prepared for instant laziness.

It happens.

The giant king sized bed is very comfy, and the rock shower in the bathroom is outstanding. But before you settle in too much, head down to those thermal springs.

Visitors from the beaches and beyond pay quite a bit of money to be bussed in during the day to take a dip in the springs, which are the most glorious hot water temperatures. Volcanic mud is available to slather on yourself and each other, before allowing it to dry, then wash it off in the springs. The springs are basically a crystal clear creek, flowing through the jungle, the temperature of a hot tub. If you are a guest of the resort? It’s free, 24/7. They’ll even turn on the lights for you at night and you can tiptoe down to the springs at midnight to take advantage of the area without anyone else around.

So amazing. You must try it out.

If you do get tired of all the volcanic mud bathing (I’m not sure how you could, plus, it leaves your skin so soft!), you can head to one of the three private pools on site. Each is a different temperature, though, I wouldn’t say any of them are cool! One even has a swim up bar, complete with lunch service…and the food there was excellent. The fried cheese was by far my favorite splurge!

Speaking of meals, our breakfast each day was included, and it was a treat. A nice buffet with both hot and cold items, freshly squeezed juices, pastries, cereals and more were a great start to the day. Lunch we typically had in the pool (yes, IN the pool), and dinner was always in the main dining hall. The dining hall. Wow. An open air room that sat high above the trees, offering views for miles of nothing but lush greenery. You really are away from it all here at Rio Perdido. Dinner was always good, though, our stay of 5 nights did get a little tiresome with the same menu each night. We managed to try most everything, and each of the things was very good, especially the filet. Oh, and the risotto. So good!

A couple of days we took ourselves on excursions…

One day to the nearby waterfall. It was lovely, and though we were told we would likely have it “to ourselves” – there were many people there. It is a local favorite to come and cool off with the kids, lay in the sun, and be surrounded by nature. It wasn’t crowded, but we certainly weren’t alone. Getting there early in the day, then leaving just after noon afforded us the chance to stop in the town of Bagaces to have an authentic Costa Rican lunch, and hit the grocery store for some drinks and snacks. I love grocery shopping in foreign places! (Is it just me?)

Another excursion we took was offered through the resort, and it was white water tubing.

Oh my gosh you all, that was fun. Guides float along with you through a stunning canyon where water swishes and swirls and pushes you over drops and rocks and twists and turns – it was such a good time. And the water was cool! In temperatures as high as Costa Rica, finding cool water is awesome! Also – no matter where you are – be it lunch or at the waterfall, the springs, or wherever – LOOK UP! There are monkeys everywhere!

If you’ve ever considered just trying to get away, away from the crowds, from having too much to do, or just have a desire to be alone – Rio Perdido is quite a choice. It’s not pricy, either, as you can snatch up round-trip airfare from the States, and 5 nights lodging with breakfast for under $900 per person. If you have any questions at all, please let me know, I would be happy to talk to you about it!


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