Take and Bake Pizza…Papa Murphy’s

“Dear Susan, would you care to go have a pizza on us?”


Papa Murphy’s offered ME a night off from cooking, and wondered if I would be interested?

Umm, yes?


You see, I met the folks of Papa Murphy’s back in April, at a conference on the Pacific Coast.  Before moving to Texas, I had never been privy to a Papa Murphy’s…as I lived in a very small town surrounded by slightly larger small towns.  I had no idea what I had been missing.  But once I arrived in Spring, and was able to get out and about in my own car, in my new town, I saw the signs for this new-to-me pizza chain.  So yesss, I was very interested in giving them a shot.

Pizza, even mediocre pizza, is good pizza to me.

Not cooking and yet having dinner is good to me.

I had no idea how good the Papa Murphy’s experience would actually BE.

Seven and I sauntered in to our local shop about 2 one afternoon, not exactly knowing what to expect.  I’ve never had Take and Bake style pizza before, so, would it just be a free for all?  For some reason, I expected it to be a mess.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because when I make pizza, there’s a mess.

Man, was I wrong.

The shop was spotless. IN fact, I thought the location had to be brand new, so I asked.  How long has this location been in business?  I expected a few weeks.  Maybe 2 months.  But 2 years?  Wow…it didn’t show.


Beyond that, the gentleman who made the pizzas for us (full of great recommendations, like the original crust for certain pies versus the thin crust for others) was super friendly.  He took a lot of pride in his work and the quality as well.  I watched from start to finish as he created our order.  One of the pizzas we chose was the Hawaiian, but we added chicken.  YUM.  In case you weren’t aware, Papa Murphy’s is the first pizza chain out there to use ONLY RWA (Raised Without Antibiotics) Chicken.  So – score again!  The other pizza was recommended by our pizza maker…the Mediterranean Chicken.  Our only sub here was no feta, add mozzarella.  THAT, kiddos, was a delicious pizza.  Not that the Hawaiian wasn’t, as it WAS, but wow, the flavors were fantastic.  I was surprised to see such fresh ingredients…actually fresh grated cheese? In a pizza chain?  Truth.  You can see and taste the difference.


We carried our pizzas home and cranked up the oven to 425.  The pizzas were on oven-safe trays, so that made the prep SO easy and convenient.  No work on my end, no dishes to have to clean, no trouble whatsoever. IN fact, we played a fun card game waiting for our pizzas to bake, because we had no chores to do. Yay! After about 15 minutes in the oven, we were ready to eat.


The pizzas were perfect.

Honestly, I had been wanting to have a homemade pizza day here at the house for months, but…why?  It’s a pain to make and proof pizza dough, plus, by the time you buy all of the ingredients you REALLY want on a pizza, you have a fortune wrapped up in it.  You can just go to Papa Murphy’s and get ALL of it, quickly, inexpensively, and it’s perfectly fresh, as if you had done it all yourself.  So I will be saving my time in the future and just getting what I want from there.  I’ve had pizza from just about every pizza chain on the planet, and NONE can compare.  Fresh.  I’m sorry I keep saying it but it’s so true.  Being able to take and bake the pizza when I want it, versus waiting for it at a store, then carrying it home, only to realize it’s been sitting around for too long, well, I’m out on that.  THIS is the way to go.


New fan!!

Now, all of you Papa Murphy’s lovers…what pizza do they do the BEST?  I’m itching to try that stuffed crust, but the boys here are wanting to just try the regular cheese pizza.  What should we get next?


For More on Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s has always been committed to food quality. . Papa Murphy’s makes their dough from scratch daily in their stores. Their cheese is grated daily in store using only fresh, whole milk mozzarella. Many of their recipes use hand chopped vegetables, like green peppers, tomatoes, and onions. None of their products contain MSG.  And, FYI…Papa Murphy’s has always been THE QUALITY LEADER among pizza brands and with the launch of RWA (raised without antibiotics) chicken, they have set a new standard in the pizza category for quality. When Papa Murphy’s says “no antibiotics”, they mean “no antibiotics, never, ever”.


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  1. We have the spicy fennel sausage pizza at least twice a month.