Girl Scout Cookie Cupcakes from Pillsbury

I was not a Girl Scout.

I tried once, for one day.

You see, there was a Welcome to The Girl Scouts, Come See What We Are Like Festival at my elementary school when I was 8. I went because my mom, at the time, was part of the PTA, which still to this day still astounds me.  I am enough like my mother to know that being around a group of people, such as the PTA, is not ever going to be something I ever ever willingly get off my couch for.  Sign me up for the bathroom mopping or gum scraping duties, but please do not make me interact with live humans.

Wow, what a tangent.

But back to the Girl Scout Day.


We were told to bring the tiniest STUFFED teddy bear we had.  Don’t ask me why, but I happened to have a stuffed teddy bear that was about 2 inches tall.  Tiny, for sure.  I also had those really insanely popular for 1983 teddy bear pencil toppers made of velvet, but, alas, I am a rule follower and those little choking hazards were NOT STUFFED.  Therefore, I did not take one.  I took the tiny stuffed bear.

About 47 other girls had the pencil topper bear.  I of course won the prize with my STUFFED bear.

All girls hated me immediately.

And thusly, my distaste of all females continued, as it has to this day, and yet at the same time, I fell head over heels for my prizes – Girl Scout Cookies.


Samoas (or, as they are called most everywhere now, Caramel Delights) instantly became my favorite cookie of all time.  Thin Mints followed at a close second.  Every year, I anxiously awaited the day both mom and dad fell victim to the lure of separate Girl Scouts peddling their wares, and we were graced with a bevy of cookies in the house.

Those days were the best.

Remember the days of being a kid and not once thinking about the calories in a cookie?

Gosh, what that must feel like.

We adults still deserve treats though, and everything, in my opinion, is okay in moderation.

I consider a half dozen cupcakes pretty moderate.

You have your thing, I have mine.  Cupcakes should NOT be limited.


SO, imagine my glee when one afternoon I was emailed by Pillsbury asking if I would try out their new cupcake mixes featuring…Girl Scout Cookies.

NO!  I emailed back and demanded they harass anyone else.


That is why I now have a counter full of chocolate ganache topped cupcakes, and an 8 year old boy with a mouth full of happiness.


The cupcakes are wonderful – moist and delicious and ever-so-easy, as mixes tend to be.  The chocolate ganache packet surprised me – I have always made my own – but the consistency was perfect for dunking the cupcakes into and  tasted great.  I dipped the Thin Mint variety in green sanding sugar, and drizzled a bit of coconut on the Caramel version.  Both looked and tasted fantastic. These little goodies would be ideal for a busy mom just joining the PTA.

A mom that likes people.

Best of luck with that endeavor. 

For more info one the Girl Scout line at Pillsbury, click here!

Disclaimer:  I partnered with JM Smucker (Pillsbury) to feature these cupcakes in a sponsored post on my blog.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.