Packable Lunch Snack for a Picky Eater

This post is sponsored by Pirates Booty and Mom It Forward. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Have you ever eaten school lunch with your child?

I mean – not you homeschool moms – you are in a league all your own, and wow, right on to you but that’s never going to be me! – but I mean SCHOOL LUNCH.

The Show Up at 11:50am, find a sticky, slobber goblin table with 4 seats, and then wait on your precious angel to arrive with 6 of their Very Best Friends to dine with you.

Not, my friend, that you dine.

Oh no.

You watch in utter bafflement that the child of an Introvert (ahem, YOU) even HAS 6 friends, and in the same moment, wonder how on earth you will survive the next 28 minutes. It is LOUD in that cafeteria. And WHERE are the TEACHERS?

(What do you mean, they’ve only been here TWO minutes??)

I’ve managed this lunch experience several times in my tenure as the Mother of Seven, who yes, is only one child, currently age eight, that in fact feels like seven children at times. I’ve gotten to know the friends he chooses to eat with. Sure, a few new ones appear from time to time, but I am pretty familiar with the regular posse.

One of them, the lovely, effervescent little gal I have called his girlfriend since 2011, typically buys her lunch, but only eats the food off of her friends’ plates. Her charm allows it. The silly smile wins her another’s soup or PBJ every time.

The other staple, a tow headed little genius, tends to pack, but I never really see him actually CONSUME anything. And yet, the food disappears. Maybe I blink too long. Or maybe I’m too busy trying to convince my own son that pretzels, while they do FIT, do NOT belong up ones nose.

He has a very high IQ, but some days, I really do wonder.

As for Seven, we pack sometimes, and sometimes it’s school lunch. I’m a real mom…not one of those Lassie Moms. Wait, is it Lassie? No, June Cleaver. Yes, Lassie’s Mom let her 9 year old toddler wander off for miles and miles with NO CELL PHONE and only a magic dog to always bark for assistance. June was the do it all.

I’m more like Lassie’s Mom.

If I am so motivated, Sev gets a packed lunch.

And now, I include Pirate’s Booty.


Seven is picky when it comes to eating, but he LOVES this stuff.

Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar is a deliciously baked snack made from puffed rice and corn and blended with real aged white cheddar cheese.

That sounded like a total commercial, but I 100% mean it. I’ve been a fan of Pirate’s booty for several years – in fact, I first promoted it as a baby blogger oh so many years ago. It was one of the first treats I gave Seven as a toddler, because I liked that it melts in your mouth, no preservatives, no artificial colors. . Yes, I know kids lick community ketchup bottles and handrails at hospitals but we at least make an attempt as moms, right?


And while I am a huge fan, I am now a HUGER fan. Because now, I don’t have to divvy out the Booty into a plastic baggie…they come in individual 1 oz. packs, with limited-edition back-to-school packaging!

You read that right, mom. (or dad, how rude of me.) Individual 1 oz. Packs.

I was asked by the fine folks at Pirate’s Booty to give these little jewels a go, so of course, I did. I love it! The bags fit perfect in your kiddos lunch box, and you get 90 extra seconds of sleep because YOU didn’t have to BAG it.

Thank you, Pirate’s Booty.


Not only do I benefit from the extra sleep, I also gain some relief knowing that if Girlfriend ends up snagging the bag, it’s gluten free and kosher, so, her mom won’t attack me on Facebook for allowing her to steal my kids’ food. And, if the Tow Head manages to eat it (I don’t know how, but he might), he, too, will be safe as well. I cannot say for certain all three won’t have it up their noses, but, hey, a gal can dream. They’re in fourth grade this year, and Nose Plugging may be Soooo Third Grade.

I can’t recall. I mean, I think his dad still does that sometimes, so maybe it’s a boy thing.

Moral of the story? I found a great, convenient snack to add to the lunchbox lineup. It tastes great, perfect size, and the kiddos love it.

Check it out yourself!

Pirate’s Booty is available at stores nationwide and through the Pirate’s Booty website,


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Disclaimer: I worked with Mom It Forward and Pirate’s Booty on this sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.


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    Shared it!! Glad to see you posting again!! 🙂

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  3. It’s so funny I can see the kids your talking about in my mind. Usually when I eat with Austin, Seven always sits across from me with the little girl to one side an off course the same boy who you wonder if he’s gonna eat. This is a great snack and I’m sharing cause you know they are not allowed to bring fast food now. . .

  4. Pinklacedpoppy says:

    Definitely shared! You always have such good ideas though. Like that skinny dip!?

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