Being Part of the Bold Percent

Lately, I have had a lot of readers and friends email or comment to me that they think I am bold.

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I guess because I packed up my life, took a chance, and moved halfway across the country. 

But to me, that wasn’t bold.  That was safe.  That was following my heart to be with a man that made me feel safe and loved, in a house I adore and a life I enjoy getting up in the morning for.

Bold to me is talking to a stranger.  Delivering a speech in front of 200 conference attendees.  Bungee jumping. Paragliding.  Singing in public.  Or dancing.

Yes, even dancing.

Just recently, I was approached by LISTERINE® and they encouraged me to partner up and step out of my comfort zone and try a bold new activity. It just had to be the Two Step.

So…try it I did.


Now that I live in Texas, I find myself passing iconic Texan dance halls.  Think Urban Cowboy, complete with modern day Buds and Sissys, sawdust on the floors, and the Texas Two Step.

Me?  I can’t do that.  I can’t scoot around the floor like that, in front of strangers.

Or can I?


Not far from my new house, you’ll find a HUGE dancehall – Big Texas.


image1Big Texas has live music, dancing and more, and when I thought of where to Two Step, THAT was my first and only choice.  Go big or go home, right?  Right. So on went my favorite boots, and off we went.  Being an introvert (I’m a blogger for a reason, folks) was intimidating. And Rust is about as people-phobic as I am.  But with low enough lighting, and a little bravery, anything is possible.

And neither of us died.

Was it intimidating?  Yes.  But what was the worst that could happen?  We look silly?  Who cares?  Fun is fun, and life is too short to let looking silly stand in your way of a good time.


Now, LISTERINE® is looking for YOU. Yes, YOU.

To celebrate users for having a bold attitude and a healthy mouth, the LISTERINE® Brand launched the BRING OUT THE BOLD™ campaign based on the Study of Bold which found that LISTERINE® Mouthwash users were more likely to do bold things than non-users.  A STUDY, you guys.  Mouthwash users are feistier?  Bolder?  Who knew?  Who knew a splash of mouthwash might light a fire under an introvert to go sing “Hey Good Lookin’” at a karaoke bar?  Or strap themselves to a stranger and jump out of a perfectly good airplane?  I swear, I am starting to look at EVERYONE different.  Anyone that seems brave, I want to just ask…did you use mouthwash today? (Which may be a brave question in and of itself lol!)

    • Bold to LISTERINE® is being adventurous, courageous, daring, strong, and even silly.  It’s about having a passion for life, new experiences, knowledge and people.  Bold is fuel that ignites you to exceed your own expectations and take on a world of possibilities.  Don’t you just LOVE that?  Don’t YOU want to be BOLD?

As part of this campaign, the LISTERINE® Brand is inviting consumers to join the Bold Percent – a group of bold people who are inspired by LISTERINE® to do bold things – and be rewarded for boldness on a daily basis.  Between September 7 and December 7, consumers can visit to join the Bold Percent, win rewards and earn sweepstakes entries towards bold prizes.

That includes YOU, my dearest reader. YOU.

Like I said, between September 7 and December 7, you can join the Bold Percent by registering on to unlock inner boldness, win rewards and earn sweepstakes entries towards bold prizes. Sweepstakes prizing includes:   

  • 1 Grand Prize of a trip to one of six bold destinations (Australia, Zambia, Alaska, Hawaii, New Orleans, & Spain)
  • 15 Level 2 Prizes of bold excursions – from surfing lessons to racecar driving
  • 30 Level 1 Prizes of bold-themed packs of high-end gadgets and gear in themes such as “Outdoor Adventure,” “ Bold Fitness,” and “Tropical On-The-Go”

Check it out, and get to being BOLD.  You know you can, and you should.  I know you can!

Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by LISTERINE®, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. BW Photo from Big Texas.