Girl Scout Brownies and Blondies

I’m back, kiddos, working again with Pillsbury to enlighten you to their new products based on…Girl Scout Cookies.

Mmm. Yes, Girl Scout Cookies.


We all have our favorites, I know. My dad loves the peanut butter cookies. I love the Samoas (Caramel Delites). Almost everyone loves Thin Mints. So when I learned that Pillsbury had creates a line of Girl Scout treats, you know I was intrigued.

A few weeks ago, I posted about their new cupcakes, based on Thin Mints and Caramel Delites. Yum. So easy to put together, and full of great nostalgic flavor.

These brownies and blondies are no different.


Take the Think Mint Brownies, for example.

Lots of chocolate chunks are mixed in to these minty brownies, creating warm, gooey decadence. Add a scoop of ice cream for the ultimate treat!

And the Caramel and Coconut Blondies?


Well…Coconut flake, chocolate chips, and caramel chips add up to blondies that scream Caramel Delite. If you are coconut fan, these are your newest vice.

Both mixes are a snap to prepare (my own dear mama whipped these up for me as I wasn’t feeling on top of my game), and they keep perfectly, if you can manage not to eat them all. They make great additions to lunchboxes, but work even better for standing over the sink stuffing your face.

Not that I would consider doing that.

At 3am.

Judgy McJudgerpants.


For more info one the Girl Scout line at Pillsbury, click here!

Disclaimer: I partnered with JM Smucker (Pillsbury) to feature these cupcakes in a sponsored post on my blog. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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