Holiday Prep with Samsung and Best Buy

As you may be aware, our house drowned, thanks to Hurricane Harvey. Hard to believe, that was 6 weeks ago.  It’s taken a lot of friends and family and HOURS of their help to get us to where we are today…which is a house with walls but without floors.  We are also kitchen-less.

You read that right.

I am a food and recipe blogger, and I have no kitchen.  No cabinets, no counters, no sink.

There should be a support group for that kind of thing.  Anyone know of one?

I am hoping that within the NEXT six weeks we are back to being a regular, functioning house.  Why? Well, the holidays are upon us.  Can you believe it?  Like, the BIG holidays. Thanksgiving. Christmas.  Hanukah for those friends of mine that celebrate it.


And holidays mean excessive cooking.  Turkeys and hams and cookies and fudge and pies and candy and sweet potatoes with tiny little marshmallows on top.  Excessive cooking that lasts 6 weeks.  ARE YOU READY?

I’ll tell you who IS, and who I am SO envious of: Samsung and Best Buy.

Oh my gosh you all.  Best Buy asked me to take a look at these and share my thoughts with you…and well. Wow.

Have you seen these works of amazingness?

A microwave and oven, with WIFI.  Seriously. WIFI.  With the new Samsung wall oven/microwave combo, you can lay in bed, and bring the oven to temp.  Put the turkey in when it’s ready.  Go BACK to bed.  Need to drop the temperature?  Drop it from your phone.  I can’t breathe right now… ‘Tis a gift from above.  The Samsung Microwave Combination Wall Oven has steam cooking, so you can bake and roast with professional results. Plus, Steam Cook delivers moisture at precise times for a crisp, browned outside, and tender inside. In the microwave oven, Speed Power Convection technology reduces cooking time.  A FASTER microwave?  Sign me up.

There are so many features on this combo that you really need to check it out for yourself…which you can do here.  So DO IT.

Love the smart oven?  How about a smart refrigerator?

Yes, yes, yes.

With the Samsung Family Hub Four Door Refrigerator, you get an ACTUAL HUB for the family.  Get updates on your groceries. Create shopping lists and peek inside your refrigerator from anywhere. You can even set expiration notifications to keep all your food fresh.  No more wondering if those grapes are any good – Samsung KNOWS.

Tell me this isn’t going to make life, especially around the holidays, SO MUCH EASIER?

You know it is.  Check it out here!


Samsung has an entire suite of sweet appliances, and if you buy 4 or more, you’ll save 10% at Best Buy!  So, if you are in the market for an upgrade to that kitchen of yours, do take a look at these…I think you’ll be impressed!


Disclaimer: The reviewer (me!) has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.  (Gift card!)  All thoughts and opinions are my own.







  1. I have wanted a Samsung smart oven for AGES!! They are SO much perfection rolled into one.