Want to Trade?

Everyone has something, and everyone wants something. To get trinkets, treasures, and toys in today’s world, most people use a dollar, euro, or pound. They may even use a baht, bitcoin, or rupiah, but it’s almost always a currency. A majority of the trading world recognizes stablecoins, and it explains why bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and Tether (USDT), among others, have a shot in the commercial space. It’s no longer only the more entrenched methods of exchanging physical cash or electronic transfers. The pretty exciting thing about Tether is its inclusion of traditional currency and money equivalents. So, if you’re still interested in the trinkets and other treasures you want to purchase, remember you have options. Bartering has all but disappeared, an endangered species on the commerce list. We want to bring it back.

You have something, and you want something; well, so do we. You have a timeshare in the Caribbean, a vacation home in the mountains, or airplane miles, and everyone has hotel points. If you say you don’t, you do. Everyone does. They just do. Perhaps you just live in a really big house with too many rooms, rooms that are vacant, unused. We did. All these things, they are treasures to someone, to us. And we want to trade.

If you follow along, and if you don’t you should, you so should, then you know that we have our very own place in Thailand. Pattaya to be exact. It’s a studio, 27 or so square meters, complete with a kitchenette and a bathroom that is larger than those on cruise ships. Not much you are thinking, but the location…ah. It’s in a resort. The biggest pools I’ve ever seen. Elephant trunks, not real ones, spray you with water as you swim under their tusks. A fitness and gym area overlook the lower level pool. Yes, there is a second level pool, just as big as the first. Don’t believe me? Take a look at a few of our Thailand posts. The pics don’t really do it justice.

The room is complete with Internet, cookware, and Amazon Alexa to stream Netflix if you just want to relax at night. For more details on this, message us. We want to trade. We don’t want to trade our entire condo, no no. However, there are weeks, even months available! We are only there five months of the year, so please, come! Come hang out at our pools, enjoy the sights of Pattaya, and the massages. We get them nearly every day, for $6 an hour, how can you not!? So, if you fancy a few days, a week, even a month in Thailand, let us know. We will barter. Airplane or hotel points, a house swap, anything. You know we travel, like all the time, get in touch. Please, we want to trade, and we want you to experience SE Asia. Did I mention we are a 10 minute walk to the beach? It takes 70 minutes to get back though, because yeah, you can’t just pass by a massage parlor without going in!

Thailand is far, I know. It is well worth the trip, but some of you just aren’t going, I’m talking to you, Mom. Eighteen hours in a plane just isn’t your bag, I get it. I used to be like that, I’ve gotten over it. So, what else can we offer you? We have things. We are selling our house in the USA. Everything must go and most things have went. Anything you want? How about a never-used Espresso machine from KitchenAid. It’s the fancy red one. Make an offer.

We will always take cash of course, but cash doesn’t always have to be king. My friend, Bucky, yeah the guy with white hair that thinks it’s still brown who is featured in a few of my posts, the older gentleman with the goofy grin, has almost 1,000,000 miles on his Amex card…that’s a lot of miles y’all, and a lot of spending. Send some our way and we will part with our espresso machine. Scour your hotel rewards that you have never used. We will gladly use them. Trade them in for a treasure just in time for Christmas.

Don’t like coffee? Well, you are in luck. We have a juicer from the same company! The point is, we want to trade. We want travel-ly things. Miles, points, or a stay in your timeshare. Perhaps you are going on an already planned vacation and your house will be empty? Trade us!

We are always looking for new places to stay and write about, so let us house sit and get something out of it for yourself, you are going to be gone anyway! And we are always interested in a house swap! Thailand for Yourtown, USA (or other country, we aren’t picky). Let us know, we are ready to make a deal. You can email us at susan@doughmesstic.com or message us on Facebook. Happy bartering!

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