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It’s not very often I share with you the things in my life that I love – meaning – products I love.  But, I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and here in Thailand, I’ve found that since I have such a limited amount of well, ANYTHING, I really appreciate the things that mak me happy.  And then I thought, “I bet these things could make my friends happy, too, so why not share?”
And so I am sharing.

Perhaps you aren’t in the need for a worldwide travel adapter at the moment.  Perhaps you are.  Or maybe you already have a razor you adore.  I did, too, until I found THIS one.  For me, it’s the little things that have been bringing me joy.  Hopefully you’ll find some as well.

Oh and hey, for reference, some of these links might give me a commission.  Some won’t.  It helps me if you click through, and I would appreciate it, of course! But, I’m not posting for that reason.  I’m posting because I truly love these things!


For the longest time, I was a low top Chuck girl.  I still do like them, don’t get me wrong.  But it seems every teen, tween, and over 40 woman wears them now, and I wanted something different.  I found these Adidas just before we left for Pattaya, and let me tell you, they are perfection.  I adore the color – kind of a neutral light lilac? – but it’s the fit that gets me.  SO comfy, and they look great with shorts or jeans.  Plus – $34?? What? I paid way more for mine. I prefer them with no-show socks, like these from Reebok.  Yeah, I switch up brands.  I’m a rebel, what can I say?


This Travel Adapter

I mentioned this travel adapter back in December, and a LOT of you bought one.  For me, it’s the ONLY adapter I will ever need.  There’s no extra parts, like the super cheap options, you can use it in pretty much ANY country you may go, AND – this is the best part – not only can you have your computer or hot iron or razor or whatever plugged in to the outlet portion, you can also have more than one PHONE charging on it at the same time because it has built in USB plugs. Yessss.  Love this thing.  If you are heading to Europe or Australia or Asia or Africa any time soon – pick one up.  You won’t be sorry.

This Makeup

In America, where it’s not eleventy-melting degrees, I really like my makeup.  People who see me, see me in makeup.  I’m doing it for ALL of YOU.  You just don’t need to see me nekkid-faced.  But here, in Thailand, it’s just a little too hot for everyday makeup, plus, we spend several hours a day in the pool, so I just don’t wear it much.  However, there have been a few fancier nights here where we’ve sort of dressed up, and I like putting my face on.

As it turns out, the translucent skin I came here with, and my whitest of white powder foundation doesn’t really go with my newly very tanned skin.  And that got me to thinking…a LOT of us girls go through this every year.  We get the right shade about March, and stick with it, then June and July hit and our faces no longer match the makeup.  Well – there’s something you need to try to believe.

I was sent a sample of Vita Liberata a few months back, and I happened to tuck it in my travel bag.  As it turns out, it’s magic.  I can put on my regular foundation (I wear BareMinerals and have for years, because I love how you can do just a little or layer it for more coverage), and then I use my little kabuki brush and put on the magic powder.  It just adds the exact amount of tan that you are!  Or the amount of tan you WANT to be!  No need to buy new foundation, just a bit of this does what you need.  Plus, you can use it to contour, or just add a shimmer. It says it’s a self tanner, but, I can’t attest to that. Anyway… I had to buy more.  It’s the BEST.  Is it cheap? Not really, but it lasts and lasts, and is worth every penny.



Oh my word people.  I am so thrilled I asked on Facebook if anyone had ever ordered from Cupshe.  You and I both know that bathing suit shopping ranks up there with a root canal, plus, most of the time, the suits are silly expensive.  To be so tiny, why are they so spendy?  Even at TJ Maxx you expect to pay $50 or more, and that’s if you are lucky enough to find your size in last years Calvin Klein tankini.  So, I saw the ads on Facebook for Cupshe.  Fearing they were like those Asian shops that send you toddler sized clothing, I asked if any of my friends had ordered, and what they thought.  I got nothing but great reviews.  

Therefore I ordered 5.  Yes, five swimsuits.  I figured I could just send back what I didn’t like, plus, I only spent a total of like $115 on them combined.  YES!  The suits average $25 each, some a little less, some more.  That was with shipping!  I ended up loving them all, and decided why not keep them? I do live at a resort that is surrounded by lagoons of pools, so I wear a lot of swimsuits.

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Ladies, these suits are not cheaply made.  The material is thick (thick enough that you can’t see though it, even the WHITE), the stitching is well done, the patterns are cute, and there are TONS of flattering styles. I am pretty flat chested, so I can get away with really low cut styles, which they seem to have a lot of.  They also offer the trendy high waisted bikinis if you like those.  I am about to order 3 more, but am waiting until I leave here in a couple of weeks…I plan to leave all I have here, and buy new for the summer in Vegas.  At $25 each, why not?

Here are a few of my FAVORITES.  And yes, they are flattering, even on a strangely shaped woman like myself.  My most favorite is the “Keeping You Accompanied” suit…I wear it the most and just LOVE it. I can honestly say I don’t think I will ever order a swimsuit from anywhere else again.  Good news for you if you click through here…a COUPON! You can save even more!  You need to buy $90 worth, but I don’t think you’ll have ANY problem doing that. Pick out 4 suits, and you’ll likely pay less than $100 when you use this coupon. 4 for $100? It’s nuts, I know.

 Get 10% Off For Your 1st Order In Cupshe! Shop $90+ Now!


If you're going to be in a swimsuit all the time, you probably ought to shave.  A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was in love with this new razor from Schick, and trusting her, I went and got it myself.  I should have just gotten it on Amazon, because I forgot to buy it every single time I went out to the store, and Amazon would have just delivered it to me in two days. Duh.
So what's so great about it?
The blades go both ways.
Yes! You can just shave up and down and all around and it gets all those troublesome spots you might have where the little hairs grow in 14 different directions.  It cuts shaving time in half (or about that anyway) and it does a great job.  HUGE fan of this!

Any questions? I am HAPPY to answer.  Otherwise...Happy Shopping!

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